Prestigious Shenkar College in Israel Hosts Buildbox Workshop

By March 16, 2020Buildbox

We recently held our first official Buildbox workshop with the prestigious Shenkar College in Israel. Many of the top developers and designers in the Middle East attend their College of Engineering, Design, and Art, so it was truly an honor to have our software used as one of their development tools. 

This workshop was introduced to Shenkar College thanks to Dr. Vered Pnueli, Head of M.Des Games Design and Development. The classes came to fruition when our team attended this year’s Pocket Gamer Conference in London and connected with Dr. Pnueli. They had a workshop already in the works and thought Buildbox would be the right fit. At the event, we discussed plans for teaching the class in person in Israel in June. 

The leader of the workshop was Gil Elnekave, who was joined by Zack Griset remotely via Zoom video to teach the students how to make a complete game using Buildbox. The class had about 15 students. However, they were all experienced developers. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the students to new software. Buildbox’s lightning-fast prototyping was one of the reasons many of the students wanted to use it. They were all programmers with experience in game design, so they were intrigued by the advanced coding options as well.

Shenkar College’s Buildbox Workshop

Over the three-week course, Zack worked with them on building an entire game, including how to monetize and export to different platforms. The students were very impressed by the Buildbox UI and how quickly you can develop a game. It was a huge success. 

Gil Elnekave leading the workshop at Shenkar College

Shenkar serves the Israeli industry by providing academic qualification and R&D services for modern industries. It’s also one of the leading colleges in Israel offering degrees in design and engineering. They even have joint Ph.D. programs with other leading international institutions. Many of their graduates become top developers and professionals in their field. It also was incredible being able to introduce our software to these rising devs and get their feedback.

We’re so looking forward to our in-person workshop in June and maybe doing more international events and classes in the future. So, stay tuned!

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