About the Game

A few light years away. Alien life was discovered on a red planet. Inhabited by little creatures known as the Truzzles. These little creatures are always on the move in search of gems along the mountainside.

Travel through the blizzard to collect gems. Avoid obstacles and the marching Boofies.
Collecting gems increases your purse value for in-game purchases such as new Characters and Ice Cubes for 10 seconds of invincibility.

Run, jump and hold onto ceilings as you travel across ice and snowscapes above the mountains on the red planet through the realistic blizzard.

How to play:
Tap screen to jump
Hold screen to cling to ceiling walls for 3 seconds
Ice Cubes provides a hardened shield for 10 seconds
2 Snowboards per day for 15 second glide and speed, but you’ll need to buy cubes to protect your alien.
Collect Gems and Break Boxes to collect points

There are two secret Ice Storages where the Boofies are hiding gems. Access these hidden Ice Storages to increase your purse.

Dominate the leaderboard and try to beat your friends’ high score Top Bag.

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