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Did you know that globally, leukaemia affects countless lives daily, with statistics showing that nearly every minute someone is diagnosed with this deadly disease?

These aren’t just numbers; they represent friends, family members, and loved ones.

In response to this, and inspired by “Games for Good” by Jude Ower and Mathias Gredal Nørvig, is hosting the ‘Buildbox Cure Leukaemia Game Jam‘ throughout the month of May. 

This game jam is about more than just prizes; it’s a chance to raise awareness and funds for an important cause. Developers can use Buildbox’s AI tools to create games that not only entertain but also help in the fight against cancer by raising money for Cure Leukaemia, the blood cancer charity. 

Riding for a Reason: CEO, Jonathan Zweig’s Inspirational Journey From Survivor to Advocate

Jonathan, the CEO of, is a survivor of leukaemia. Can you believe he was diagnosed at just 7 years old? His journey through cancer and his recovery has inspired him to give back to the community and support cancer research.

This summer, Jonathan is joining the Tour 21, a tough challenge where he and 24 other amateur cyclists will ride the entire Tour de France route, one week before the pros. They’re aiming to ride over 3,500km in 21 days to raise more than £1,000,000 for Cure Leukaemia, the official charity partner of the Tour de France. 

Jonathan’s ride will be a heartfelt tribute as he’ll be carrying the names of Buildbox community members’ loved ones who were lost to leukaemia, including his dad, Ken, right on his helmet.

Leukaemia’s Global Impact 

Leukaemia, a group of cancers that usually begins in the bone marrow and results in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells, affects a significant number of individuals globally. The impact of this disease is substantial:

  • Global Reach: Every year, around 518,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with leukaemia, a number that’s on the rise. This uptick is a stark reminder of the growing global cancer burden, according to the Global Cancer Observatory.
  • Daily Impact: On average, about 1,419 individuals are diagnosed with leukaemia every day.
  • Frequency: Statistics indicate that someone is diagnosed with leukaemia every minute.

Cure Leukaemia’s Mission  

Cure Leukaemia, established in 2003, is on a mission to wipe out blood cancer globally within a generation. They fund the Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP), which fast-tracks the setup, recruitment, and delivery of groundbreaking clinical trials for blood cancer. This funding helps connect patients to cutting-edge treatments not yet widely available, speeding up the search for a cure and bringing hope to many.

James McLaughlin, Chief Executive – Cure Leukaemia:

“It is always a special day when we welcome a new cohort of riders into the Cure Leukaemia family, and none more so this year with the addition of Jonathan Zweig as he joins The Tour 21 team.”

“We are immensely grateful to Jonathan for choosing to fundraise on behalf of the charity and train for one of the toughest endurance challenges in the world of cycling. The team are becoming a part of a very exclusive club by taking on all 21 stages of the Tour de France – a feat that very few amateur cyclists can list as part of their achievements.”

“The sacrifices made by him over the past 6-8 months have been inspiring – safe in the knowledge that he is making a real difference to blood cancer patients across the world.”

The Buildbox Cure Leukaemia Game Jam 

This May, join us for the month-long Buildbox Cure Leukaemia Game Jam, where AI technology blends with gaming for fundraising and raising awareness. There will be five lucky winners who will be awarded cash prizes. But that’s not all.

Here’s how we’re making each contribution count:

  • For Game Jam Winners: A donation will be made personally by our CEO on behalf of each winner, who can also choose a loved one’s name to add to the helmet.
  • For New Paid Subscribers: Every new Buildbox paid subscription during the game jam results in a personal donation from our CEO for leukaemia research in the name of the subscriber or their loved one.
  • For Anyone: Jonathan will personally match any donation from the Buildbox Community donated at this link to Cure Leukaemia: [Donate Directly to Cure Leukaemia – Matched by Jonathan]

By matching donations,’s CEO is effectively doubling the community’s potential to fund crucial research and support services offered by Cure Leukaemia. This approach not only ramps up the funding to fight leukaemia, but it also builds a strong sense of togetherness and teamwork within the Buildbox community and beyond. Every contributor plays a key role in this important cause.

So, get involved in the game jam! 

If you’re already a Buildbox subscriber, spread the word and encourage others to sign up during this period. Let’s make a big impact together!

Enter Cure Leukaemia Game Jam Choose a Plan & Honor a Loved One! Donate Directly to Cure Leukaemia - Matched by Jonathan

All donations go directly to the cure!

Fundraising from the challenge is directly invested in the Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) which helps those fighting cancer across the globe.

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