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By December 13, 2017Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

We’re excited to announce the release of Pixelbox!

Pixelbox is a brand new software that makes graphic design easy for game creators. With Pixelbox, you can quickly create different user interfaces, app icons, 2D art, and much more. Unlike most graphic design software, Pixelbox makes it simple to design stunning intuitive UI’s and graphics for your game. There are tons of templates and presets built-in the software to give you guidance and inspiration for your design.

In this in-depth walkthrough of Pixelbox you’ll get to see how it works and learn some tips on getting started:

Pixelbox is the first software that we’ve created that natively supports vector graphics. It features thousands of vector icons and images that you can freely use in your games. There are 1,392 icons divided into different themed sets like feather or the 8cell set which we created in-house. You’ll never need to search or try to Google images to find and use in your game. It’s all conveniently right there in the software.

There’s also 2,056 images available as well. Pixelbox features a variety of different backgrounds, borders, buttons, effects, and objects. You can use them in game’s UI design, your character’s design or when creating objects.

There’s an easy to customize template for every type of UI you could possibly need from game over screens, level complete, settings to shops. You can start with any basic template and create a high-quality user interface in as little as a minute. There’s also examples which are focused on different design elements that you can use as well.  

Pixelbox features Alpha Window Control making it easy to add stunning effects to your design. The professional editing features also allow users to create complex animations. You can drop full png images into the software and add special effects and animations to it. Customize and add vector graphics using advanced tool options like the shape creator. It’s also a great tool to use to create high-end game icons and your own assets.

It features auto-split export which gives you the option of exporting your project combined, split by groups or separated.

Overview of Pixelbox Features

  • Completely New Software
  • Creates UI, Icons, Objects and more
  • Advanced Alpha Window Control
  • Import PNG Animations
  • Create Complex Animations
  • Auto-Split Export

You can lean more about Pixelbox and our new Master Collection 2.0 software right here:

Get Master Collection 2.0

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