Over 150 Hit Games Made With Buildbox

Buildbox All-Stars

We’ve reached another major milestone! – Over 150+ Hit Games Built Using Buildbox!

At the moment, we have a total of 152 games that have either broken the Top 100 in the App Store, been featured by Apple, or picked up by a major publisher. Since our release, we’ve had more Apple featured games and Top 100 hits made with our software than any other codeless game engine.

Our Buildbox customers are crushing it in the App Store!

Successful games like Color Switch, Ball Jump, Slip Away, Blue Edge, and The Line Zen were all created with our software. We’ve also had lots of trendy meme style games made with BB to dominate the charts like Spinny Fidget, Bottle Flip Challenge 2, Mannequin Challenge, Cash Me Outside and more.

Also, we’ve had quite a few pixel art games like cmnd/ctrl, Sir Vival, and Upstarts that was built using Buildbox. They’ve all done remarkably well on the charts as well.

Here’s a quick rundown (in alphabetical order) of these all-star games:

1-Bit Return
360 Maze
99 Moons
Almost Impossible!
Attack !
Ball Jump
Bernie Sandwiches
Blocky Invaders
Blue Edge
Bounce King
Bouncy Blocks
Bouncy Buddy
Bouncy Pong
Brain Breaker
Break the Line
Bruce Lee Dragon Run
Cash Me Outside
Cash Me Outside
Chaos Chambers
Circle Bounce
Circle Hurdle
Collider Shapes
Color Dotz
Color Switch
Creep Shock
Cube Catcher

Damn Daniel
Dashy Panda
Dere .Exe
Desire Path
Dizzy Snake
Dooby Bird
Dream On A Journey
Drop Block
Drop Out!
Exit Zone
Flakey Twist
Flappy Pong
Force Escape
Free Fall
Fringe Rise
Gear Rise
Hang Ball
Hell Run – Scary Road
Impact Ball
Impossible Bottle Flip
Impossible Caves
Juju on the Beat
Jump Legends
Jump or Stay

Just Jump
Light Surge
Magnet Hopper
Mannequin Challenge
Mars Mountain
Mars Rescue
Metal Gears
Monument Drop
Mr. Umbrella
Ninja Scroller the Awakening
Now Escape
Nubis Jump
One Way Ball
Panic Drop
Panic Room
Pivot Roll
Plummet Dash
Portal Rage
Reverse Bounce
Risky Rooms
Running Man Challenge
Shape Escape

Sick Sam
Sir Vival
Skill Wave
Slip Away
Slip Away Mystify
Slippery Slopes
Spinny Fidget
Spirit Line 2
Springy Ball
Stair Drop
Super Ninja Bird
Swaggy Ninja
Switchy Sides
Swoopy Space
Tape Face
Temple Jump
The Line Zen
The Pit
Thorn Dash
Time Light
Trail Jump
Tricky Trap
Trump On The Run
Void Jumping
Wall Switch
Water Bottle Flip Challenge
Water Bottle Flip Challenge 2
Wire Bounce

The Power of Buildbox

Many of our Buildbox users have found success in the App Store. Their game has either been ranked in the Top 100 or featured on Apple’s home page or gaming category. We’ve also seen countless customers succeed in getting their game published by major players in the industry like Ketchapp, Voodoo Games, Nanovation, Chillingo, Appsolute, or Umbrella Games.

And the best part?

They were able to do it without writing a single line of code. In fact, we’re one of the only game engines that’s completely codeless that allows you to easily and quickly make professional looking games. It’s what makes us different from other game builders out there. And it’s why our Buildbox customers have been able to create hit after hit continually.

With Buildbox, you can jump right in and start building out levels to your game. Our built-in creator tool, scene editor, gameplay presets, and control system makes it easy to create. You can add multiple worlds, custom effects, animation sequences, and more to your game.

Once you make a game using Buildbox, you can export it to any platform including iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Steam, and Amazon.

We’ve also seen many Buildbox made games succeed on multiple platforms. Two great examples of this are Darius Guerro’s Dere .Exe and Adam Rogan’s Dream On A Journey.

Dere .Exe

In our exclusive game dev interview series with AppSir Inc. founder, Darius Guerrero, he shared how he created his hit game Dere. Exe. The experimental horror platformer received over 50,000 downloads during its initial launch and was trending on Google Play.

The concept of the game was inspired by an arcade game called ‘Polybius,’ a website named Annie’s Road and the ‘Saw’ movie franchise regarding storytelling. “From concept to release, the first four levels of Dere .Exe took less than a day to make,” stated Guerrero.

Dere .Exe takes place in the universe of its predecessor ‘The Last Yandere,’ which was inspired by the CIA’s Project MKUltra. The game is very creative; it’s a ported .exe game extracted from a corrupted disk that somehow survived the catastrophe that took place in ‘The Last Yandere.’ As players explore the game, they encounter random glitches and a mysterious voice calling out to them. It’s a unique type of horror game.

Guerrero also has a follow-up to the hit that was recently released called Dere Evil .Exe currently available for download on iOS. 

Dream On A Journey

Google Play featured Adam Rogan’s Dream On A Journey in their New Indie Highlight home page. Apple also featured it in the UK and Australia in both adventure and action categories. Similar to the indie classic Limbo, Dream On A Journey has a haunting black-and-white minimalist art style.

The game features two distinct game modes. In the Journey game mode, players guide their character through a nightmare searching for hidden keys. There are tons of obstacles, traps, and barriers that players have to overcome in order to escape the dream. In the Playground game mode, players have to race against an ominous dark mist rapidly trailing behind you. If the fog catches up with you, it’s game over. Both Guerrero and Rogan’s successes are excellent examples of what you can do with a great game concept and Buildbox.

Congratulations to everyone who made the list. We’re looking forward to adding more All-Stars so be sure to share your game success with us on our forum, support, or through social media.

You can visit our All-Stars Showcase to check out all of the awesome games that were made using Buildbox.

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