Our Latest Update from Buildbox CEO, Jonathan Zweig

By June 10, 2021Buildbox
Update from Buildbox

Dear Buildbox Community, 

We’ve been listening to all of your feedback on our social and support channels over the last few weeks. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. I’ve spoken with our internal teams and held numerous zoom video meetings with our creators in the Buildbox community to discuss how we can improve. 

You spoke, we listened, and came up with a new solution that will benefit both our Buildbox creators and the company.

So, after much consideration, we’re making the following adjustments to the new subscription plans: 

  • Revenue shares will now ONLY apply to the revenue generated by our upcoming new ad monetization solution.
  • This means we will NOT take a revenue share from other sources of revenue that you make. This includes things like In-App-Purchases, Paid Apps, selling your games, etc.
  • Pro users can also integrate their own custom ad networks, which we will also not take a revenue share from.
  • Lastly, NO Revenue Share will be applied to any games exported before July 1, 2021

You can view all the new subscription changes on our pricing page

Our mission at Buildbox is to provide you with the easiest software in the world to make video games without writing code. Also, we work hard to give you a great experience. We appreciate all the honest feedback we’ve received recently. We are taking your suggestions to heart and doing our best to make changes where we can. 

All Buildbox Plans include free:

  • Mobile export to iOS, Android, and Windows Desktop
  • Unlimited worlds
  • Unlimited scenes

They also include our new easy ad monetization feature. 

With our new easy ad monetization feature available soon in Buildbox 3, monetizing your game will be easier than ever. You can add ads instantly, and then Buildbox takes care of the rest. From ad optimization to payouts! Just add the type of ad you want into your game, set up your Hyperwallet account, and publish it to the app store.

Buildbox will pay you your earned revenue share each month. It’s really that simple and easy. Creators on the Free plan keep 30% of ad revenue, those on the Plus plan keep 70%, and Pro users can add as many custom SDKs as they want for 100% revenue in addition to our ad monetization feature, which allows them to keep 90% of all earned revenue.

Our ad revenue sharing model only applies to Buildbox’s new easy ad monetization feature and does not apply to your app store earnings. Regardless of your chosen plan, you will always keep 100% of the revenue earned through the app store, as well as any custom ad integration used by Pro users.

Other forms of monetization outside of Buildbox’s new easy ad monetization that you wish to implement will not be subject to the revenue share previously mentioned. 

You can upgrade to one of our Plus or Pro plans at any time for more earning opportunities, but any game previously published in a given tier will retain the revenue share at which it was originally published.

We appreciate your feedback and will continue to work with you on being more transparent. Again, thank you for being part of our Buildbox community. We’ll be sharing more updates with you very soon! 

Talk soon,

Jonathan Zweig

Jonathan Zweig

About Jonathan Zweig

Jonathan Zweig is CEO of Buildbox & AppOnboard. Creator of 14 of the first 100 iOS games on the Apple App Store in 2008, Jonathan was also Founding CEO and President of Inc 500 AdColony.