More New Smart Assets for Buildbox 3D!

By August 10, 2018Buildbox
Smart Assets

Hey, Boxers! Are you ready to start making some incredible 3D games? If you haven’t checked your Buildbox 3D asset library yet, you’re in for a real surprise 😲. We’ve just added two more awesome smart assets to your game making arsenal: the Hoop and Lane Switch.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these cool new assets!

Introducing the Hoop

This cool new asset lets your character go for the goal in more ways than one. So, get ready for a real challenge. With the hoop smart asset, your character can bounce, jump, or be tossed through the hoop from above or below. After each complete jump, the hoop’s color quickly changes to black. Cool, huh?! Check it out!

The Hoop

The Hoop

The Lane Switch

On your mark, get set, go! The race is on with this fun asset. It’s called lane switch, and with it, your character can quickly switch lanes from left to right and back again. With this asset, you can make all kinds of unique 3D games that test players skills and reflexes. From racing to space invasions, the limit is your imagination. Below is a clip of lane switch in action:

Lane Switch

And that’s just the beginning. We’ve made so much progress on BB3 Beta 2 that we’ll be releasing an update for that very soon. Also, we have some bug fixes and improvements coming for Buildbox 2, as a new Buildbox 2.3.7 version. So, be on the lookout for that.

Remember, you can find all of these new assets right in your Buildbox 3D Asset Library. So, enjoy! We can’t wait to see what you create.

And if you don’t have Buildbox 3D Beta yet … what are you waiting for? When you subscribe to any Buildbox 2 plan, you’ll get 3D Beta and all of these cool new assets for absolutely free. You can click on the button below for more info.

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  • Avatar Greg says:

    release bb3 update 2 so we can compile and put ads on our games instead of assets that we can build.

  • […] in next week for more cool new smart assets! And remember, you can find all of these new assets right in your Buildbox 3D Asset Library. So, be sure to check them […]

  • Avatar ben says:

    Please stop making assets while there are bugs preventing us from even using them. Your priorities certainly are not in the right place

  • Avatar Mario says:

    New assets are not that necassary, then making the menu UI working and make all working to finish and publish a game. Also not only to walk with a character in a “speed”. Walking with a character on pressing one time a button for “+2 on X” (Press the Button -> Walk for each press only +2 or -2 on x or y axis)! THAT ist necassary for working games! Also look first for BUGS! BB3 is crashing if you collect a key to open a door!

    Beta users pay for the engine (true, it is beta) which is not really working! Beta is for “last bugs” and not for: Hey it is complete not working!

  • Avatar Yehshurunn shah says:

    How can I make a app??? I really want to make a app.