New Buildbox Classic Update!

By September 23, 2022Buildbox
Buildbox Classic Update

We just released a brand-new update that will allow Buildbox Classic creators to share their games with the world! 

Drumroll, please … 🥁

Buildbox Classic now features export to Buildbox World!  

You can now add any of your amazing 2D games to the Buildbox World app for free. We’ve also introduced a new deep-linking feature in Buildbox World that enables you to send your creations to anyone using a unique link. Instantly share your games through social media, text, or email. Reach new potential fans and promote like never before! 

Just download Buildbox World to create an account. Then, using the Buildbox Classic desktop client, export to Buildbox World to play, test, and share with the world!

In this latest Buildbox Classic update, we’ve added an Apple login option and made several fixes and improvements for smoother performance as well. 

For a detailed list of changes, you can view the full change log below:

  • Added Ability to Export to Buildbox World
  • Added Apple Login Option
  • Fixed Mac Namespace Collision with Buildbox 3
  • Fixed Start Screen Layering Bug
  • Additional Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

But that’s not all!

Along with this incredible new update, we’re having a special sale for all Buildbox Classic plans. 

For a limited time, you can get 40% OFF on any Buildbox Classic Paid Plan! If you take advantage of this promotion, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the same low price!

Get 40% OFF Any Buildbox Classic Plan! 

Buy or Upgrade to Buildbox Classic Today!

Thanks for your continuous support and feedback. As we work to make Buildbox the best tool for making games, you can expect to see more updates to Buildbox Classic in the coming months.

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