Introducing the New Buildbox AI Version 1.2: Smarter, Faster, Better

By June 10, 2024Buildbox

We are thrilled to share that Buildbox AI version 1.2 is now available for Buildbox 4! This update is packed with new features and enhancements, making it easier than ever to create games with AI. The AI is now more resilient and capable, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive experience.

Enhanced AI Resilience and Smarter Asset Selection

One of the standout features in version 1.2 is the AI’s improved resilience. The AI has been instructed to work harder and try again when it encounters mistakes, ensuring fewer interruptions and a more seamless development process. Additionally, the AI now uses a multi-stage algorithm to better choose assets from the Buildbox asset library, giving you more relevant and optimized suggestions.

Friendlier AI Responses and Upgraded Intelligence

We’ve also focused on making the AI’s responses more user-friendly. If the AI still can’t handle a request, it has been taught to reply in a nicer and more constructive manner. Alongside this, the underlying intelligence has been upgraded and further customized, resulting in faster and better performance across the board. Whether you’re working on large projects or fine-tuning small details, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the AI’s capabilities.

We’ve addressed some old-fashioned server issues related to the AI service, ensuring a more reliable connection and fewer disruptions. Along with these major updates, we’ve also made several minor bug fixes and improvements to enhance your overall experience with Buildbox AI.

What’s New & Improved in Buildbox AI 1.2

  • AI Resilience: The AI has been instructed to work harder and try again when it makes mistakes.
  • Smarter Asset Selection: The AI uses a multi-stage algorithm to better choose assets. However, it’s still limited to what’s in your game or the available Buildbox asset library.
  • Friendlier Responses: If the AI still can’t handle a request, it has been taught to be nicer about how it replies.
  • Upgraded Intelligence: The AI’s underlying intelligence has been generally upgraded and further customized for faster and better performance.
  • Resolved Server Issues: Some old-fashioned server issues relating to the AI service have been resolved.
  • Fixes and Improvements: We have also made other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements coming soon.

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