Soundbox 2.0 Walkthrough

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Soundbox 2.0

We’re excited to announce the release of Soundbox 2.0!

Soundbox 2.0 is the only audio production software created solely for game developers. With this software, you can create your own sound effects and music for your game just like a professional sound designer. Soundbox 2.0 is the ultimate sound design software for game developers. It features thousands of sounds and music loops that can be mixed and match to make unique sound effects and theme music for your game.

In this in-depth walk-through of Soundbox 2.0 you’ll get to see how it works and learn some tips on getting started:

Soundbox 2.0 has over 7,500 custom loops and sounds built inside the software. We spent thousands of dollars creating this massive sound library. Also of the included samples were created by us in-house, so you won’t find them anywhere else. All of the sounds are geared towards indie games. We have 8-bit loops, atmospheres, deep house, dubs, electronic and the list goes on. Making high-quality music is simple and a lot of fun with Soundbox 2.0. You can make sci-fi theme tracks, 8-bit chiptune, ambient, retro rag, chill out, background environment, soundscapes to techno and much more. You’ll literally never have to buy music or sound effects for your game again.

With this sound design software you’ll be able to create and edit music for your game like a professional sound designer. Also with the advanced options in Soundbox, making music for your game is very easy. It features two exetensive libraries that you can browse through to find the perfect sound effect or loop for your game. When you find a track that you like you can simply click to export it to use in your game.

You also have the option of making your own original music with our wide range of editing options. There’s time warp control which allows you to time warp any sample in realtime. You can also add loops and mix and match and add layers to a sound like a professional sound designer. Soundbox 2.0 features full sync, lock, pitch control, BPM grid snapping and more. There’s also multiple export options available including AIF, MP3, and WAVE format.

Overview of Soundbox 2.0 New Features

Brand New Audio Engine
Full Sync, Lock and Pitch Control
BPM Grid Snapping
Time Warp Samples in Realtime
Over 7,500 Audio Files Built-In
Multiple export options

You can lean more about Soundbox 2.0 and our new Master Collection 2.0 software right here:

Get Master Collection 2.0

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