Animationbox 2.0 Walkthrough

By December 11, 2017Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

We’re excited to announce the official release of Animationbox 2.0.

With this brand new software, you can create amazing characters and animations in your game. Animationbox 2.0. Is designed to be extremely easy to use while advanced enough to allow users to create the most professional animations possible.

In this video walk-through you’ll get a closer look inside of Animationbox 2.0 and all it can do:

Just like Buildbox 2.3.0, Animationbox features an animated preview window on the Start Screen that conveniently displays all of the different animation presets included in the software. So you can view them live in action before selecting. There’s dozens of high quality presets that you can choose from including fantasy heroes, unique minimal characters, and even animals. They’re also all very easy to edit and customize.

Animationbox 2.0 features a new Animation Timeline, this opens up a lot of advanced animation control inside of the software. You can start out with one of our animations presets and then fully customize it by mixing and matching different character assets. It’s a lot of fun to play around with. There’s tons of high quality themed assets available.

Create Your Own Professional Animations

Using the Animation Timeline you can edit and animate your character in real-time. The multiple select editing features make it easy to choose any joint, see all the animation curves, and then preview the character in action running, fighting, dying or any other movement you desire. However, you also have the option to import your own PNG assets and animation sequences which can be saved and edited within the software too.

Animationbox 2.0 also features bone and animation creation. In fact, for the first time ever in Animationbox you can build your bone structure from nothing, allowing to make your own unique character from scratch. Using multiple select you can manipulate the actual bone structure to change character size. You can easily import PNG sequences to make your own original characters. There’s also a ton of export options available where you can choose your own frames per seconds and more.

Overview of Animationbox 2.0 New Features

Brand New Version (Completely Redesigned)
New Animation Timeline
Advanced Animation Control
Bone & Animation Creation
High Quality Presets
Easily Import & Export
Compliments Buildbox Perfectly

You can lean more about Animationbox 2.0 and our new Master Collection 2.0 software right here:

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