Halloween Game-Mash Challenge Winners Announced

By November 24, 2023Buildbox

Last month, we held a fun mini-game jam via Buildbox World to celebrate Halloween. We called it the Halloween Game-Mash Challenge. Participants had to create a Halloween-themed game using Buildbox 3, Buildbox Classic, or StoryGames AI. Any game submitted to Buildbox World would be entered into the competition automatically. There were a lot of fantastic games uploaded. However, after careful consideration, our team has chosen a winner and a few honorable mentions that are definitely worth checking out too.

Drumroll please 🥁 …. And the winner of our Halloween Game-Mash Challenge is: 

Pumpkin Dash by Ben_Scriven

Ben Scriven’s Pumpkin Dash stood out among the rest of the entries for its spirited theme, unique use of Buildbox 3 features, gameplay, stunning graphics, and engagement. 

In this entertaining game, players guide their character through a spooky cemetery while a horde of evil pumpkins invades. Your objective in Pumpkin Dash is to navigate the path while dodging relentless pumpkin attacks. Watch out for obstacles like fallen tree trunks, hidden rocks, and pumpkins lurking in the darkness. Do you think you have what it takes to survive?

Honorable Mentions


We also had two awesome honorable mentions. Welcome Halloween by AIM is a very cool zombie shooter, and The Haunted Forest by ToughTeal Wig225 is a spooky visual novel game built with StoryGames AI.

You can play Pumpkin Dash, Welcome Halloween, and the Haunted Forest in the Buildbox World app for free!

We’re proud to have such a talented community of no-code creators using Buildbox. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you missed out this time, no worries. We’ll be hosting another game jam very soon. 

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