Game Jam Winner Spotlight: Pratap Rai

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Game Jam Winner Spotlight

This week, we’re shining the Buildbox spotlight on Pratap Rai, the first-place winner of our recent ‘play-to-win’ themed game jam. Participants were asked to make a game using Buildbox with similar gameplay mechanics to hits like Blackout Bingo, 21 Blitz, Solitaire Cube, Dominoes Gold, or Pool Payday. His entry, w0w 3 cards, built with Buildbox 3, was inspiring, fun and got the judges all playing for hours. Congrats to Pratap Rai for winning our top prize of $2,000! 

wOw 3 Cards 

In wOw 3 Cards, players have 90 seconds to match as many red or black cards in sets of three for a high score. Each card you select provides points based on its face value. When a card matches, it’ll instantly add three points to your score. However, if you choose three cards that do not match, 5 points will be deducted. Matching similar cards will also give you additional bonus points. 

When you make three consecutive card matches, a random power card will spawn in the power card field. You can earn power cards for extra points and time or the option to shuffle the cards. It’s a fun addition to the gameplay. 

Game Jam Winner - Wow 3 Cards

An Interview with First-Place Winner, Pratap Rai

UK-based game developer and first-place winner Pratap Rai recently spoke with us about making games, wOw 3 cards, and his game jam experience. How did you get started making games? 

Pratap Rai: Honestly, I never thought about making games; I was considering making apps until I found Buildbox Classic, which was promoted as an ad on the google search page. I saw how easy it was to create a game just by dragging things here and there.  

Most of my free time is spent creating and designing games. At first, it started as just a hobby, making games for myself and my friends. After a couple of months, I found making games to be a lot of fun. At that point, I started to learn the software seriously and also began to learn graphic design at the same time. From there, I started to make high-quality games. I no longer use assets from online resources. I make my own graphics and only use sounds and music from the internet. Wow, that’s fantastic! What are some of the Buildbox games that you’ve published on the app store? Were they successful? 

Pratap Rai: I have published most of my Buildbox games on the app store, many of which were featured by Apple in the New Games We Love sections like Break Pile and Make Ways. Also, the game Many Ways was featured, but I sold it to another developer. As for Google Play Store, only a few games are published. You mentioned you started making games with Buildbox Classic. What was it about Buildbox 3 that made you decide to switch?

Pratap Rai: It has more freedom compared to Buildbox Classic. Mainly due to custom nodes, which open up many possibilities, especially in comparison to Buildbox Classic, which has many limitations in building certain games. What made you enter the Buildbox Game Jam?

Pratap Rai: The main reason I entered Game Jam was I got an email from Buildbox about the game jam. I was not very interested at that time, as I was already working on other projects. After a few days, I received another email regarding the game jam, and at that time, why not try this year’s game jam? That was how I ended up participating. Well, we’re glad you did! How did you come up with the concept for your winning entry, wOw 3 cards?

Pratap Rai: At first, I made a completely different game. After working for some time, I rechecked the game jam theme, and it felt like it needed to match the theme. So I decided to scrap the game I was working on and started to look for inspiration and ideas. Most of my inspiration came from checking out popular card games on the app store. There were guides and links to example games on the game jam announcement. So I looked at each game and noticed they were all easy enough for a beginner to play. I decided to create something similar that’s easy to play and simple. For wOw 3 cards, did you create all of your game assets? What are some of your favorite tools to use? 

Pratap Rai: I created all the assets from scratch except sound. I made multiple versions of each asset until I was satisfied with it. The best tools I recommend are Blender and Krita, both of which are free to use. Both of them are very powerful tools. Do you plan to publish and monetize wOw 3 cards in any way?

Pratap Rai: At this moment, I have not decided yet if I want to publish or monetize the game. What advice or tips do you have for anyone interested in participating in the next game jam?

Pratap Rai: Don’t rush. Work on one game, make it good, and always work on mechanics before design. Only use the internet for inspiration. Try to make your own game assets instead of getting them online. Great advice! Thanks for chatting with us and again congratulations on the win!

You can learn more about Pratap Rai’s games on his website. We’ll also be hosting another game jam soon, so stay tuned! 

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