Dev Blog #4 – Buildbox 3D Beta 2 Update

By August 24, 2018Buildbox

Hey Boxers!

Get ready for some awesome new features in our upcoming Buildbox 3D Beta 2! The heat 🔥 is on. And we’re so excited to be working on this new update for you guys. Our dev team can’t wait to show you all the cool things that Buildbox 3D can do.

We’d like to thank you all for the incredible feedback on Beta 1. It was extremely helpful to see how people interact with BB3 including where they’re having fun and where they seem to struggle to find a solution. Your feedback is really valuable to us. It allows us to shape and polish BB3 into the type of software that you want.

Buildbox 3D Beta 2 Update

With the Beta 2 update, it’s all about taking things up a notch. So, we’re improving the nodes and adding new features to make your games bigger and better. You can expect to see more advanced nodes and based on all of your feedback; we’ll also be making improvements to our previous nodes with more organized categories as well. We already fixed a bunch of annoying bugs and some stability issues. Also as you guys have requested, we’ve added AdIntegrator support. So you can now monetize your games. 

Introducing Stick to Path

One of the most exciting new features coming to Buildbox 3D Beta 2 update is ‘Stick to Path.’ This new feature allows you to create roads or paths that turn and twist in mid-air. It was so cool to play games like Impossible Road, Rolling Sky, and Rush that we decided to make our own version. When I was building my test game with twisted roads, I quickly realized how hard and tedious it is to place all those objects and assets on the road. And then when I wanted to adjust the curvature of my road, I had to reposition all those obstacles over again. It was crazy. So, now with Beta 2, you’ll have the ability to attach any object to the road and bend it any way you want. 

Below are some sneak peeks of Stick to Path in action:

If you guys are just itching to try out the AdIntegrator in BB3, you can ping me privately on the BB forum, and I can share a link with the new build. 

Thanks for the support everyone, be sure to stay tuned for more awesome updates! 😉

– Buildbox Dev Team

Nik Rudenko

About Nik Rudenko

Nik is a veteran game developer, and CTO at Buildbox. He's created hit mobile games like Endless Sky and Blue Edge. Nik has also worked on many Triple-A console titles such as Pirates of the Carribean, Showtime Boxing and Overlord.


  • Avatar Tushar Bhuva says:

    how to create this type of cat object ????

  • Avatar Ericson says:

    Awesome! How do you curve the road like that and access the stick to path feature ?

  • Avatar BestHildred says:

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  • As a beginner how do I create a path/road so that an object can stick to it? A template project would be great!

  • Avatar Antonio Kasabov says:

    When are we going to be able to export to Android?

  • Avatar Jay says:

    I have buildbox 2 and buildbox 3d beta how do i bend paths like this? i can’t find the option or anywhere in the docs that says how to do this.

  • Wow its’s awesome ! I’m very excited to develop games in buildbox 3D beta 2

  • Avatar Shashikant Singh says:

    Nice stuff! Feels like a maya modeling toolset called soft modification. Very helpful indeed. Try to integrate a BB-Maya pipeline where we create our entire envoirment in maya and send the entire level to BB. Wouldn’t be that great Nik? :)

  • Avatar Elleni J says:

    I like it. I Want you to develop for me similar type.

  • This is so great news! Thank you Nik and yes I can’t wait to see the ad integration process LOL.

  • How about a “Stick to Surface” feature too? e.g. if you design a world that exists on a small planet and you want to resize or deform the planet, you’d like the items on the surface to follow those changes. Also if one can do it programmatically at runtime too they could make effects like earthquake vibrations etc. (make the surface “tremble” [say deform using a wave] and have stuff attached on it tremble too)

  • Avatar Zach says:

    When will beta 2 come out?

  • Avatar Bill Pryor says:

    You have NO idea how happy Stick to Path makes me!!!!! You made my year!


  • Avatar RENATO SOUZA GENGO says:

    Will be possible make one loop inside of highway with this method and with gravity effect (physics)?

  • Avatar John Bold says:

    Do you have templates for casino games? Can you provide templates for casino games?


    • Avatar Jay says:

      If you can’t figure out how to make loops with BuildBox (I don’t know yet), you could use a program called Sketchup or Blender (Sketchup is easier to use) and export it as an OBJ file and import it into BuildBox that way you can have a looping path/road :)

      PS. Do you know how we can bend paths like what is shown on this page up the top? I can’t find the option anywhere on BuildBox Beta 2