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Hello, Boxers!

I hope you are all doing well. At the Buildbox headquarters, we’ve been working hard on improving and expanding our software. So, today we wanted to give you a quick update on our Buildbox software development progress plus some new and upcoming changes.

Buildbox 2.3.5 Update

We recently released the Buildbox 2.3.5 update. With this new update, we added a ‘Timeout’ option to the Event Observer. The addition of this simple but effective timer will redirect your UI in the amount in milliseconds you set. This feature will make it easier to create more challenging and engaging games for your players.

We also made some minor changes to prior features like the default messages and presets. In Buildbox 2.3.5, the message that is displayed when there is not enough currency for a player who is attempting to unlock characters and or the lock button, in general, is now editable via project settings. Although it’s a small tweak, it allows you to better customize your UI menus with your game’s theme or specific style. There will also be a fix for the Facebook Ad Network. 

Upcoming 2.3.6 Fixes and Changes

In 2.3.6 we’re introducing a new way of working with OpenGL. We’ve been fighting with OpenGL drivers on Windows-based computers for a long time. When it comes to OpenGL Windows is not user-friendly, but on Mac and most platforms, it’s easy. So, in Buildbox 2.3.6 we added what is called ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine). Google initially started this project to bring WebGL to the Windows platform. It serves as a layer between our OpenGL implementation and DirectX. ANGLE bridges the gap, so if there is no OpenGL support available on your Windows, then it will use DirectX. With this new feature you’ll have fewer issues with OpenGL drivers.

Also, our plans for the upcoming Buildbox 2.3.6 update will include fixes and changes designed to make the software better across the board. We plan on improving the iPhone X full-screen animation features, and preview window minimization. There will also be fixes for buttons for purchases and Game Center along with minor tweaks to the Game Mind Map features.

Also, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit crash reports to our new system. It’s been an enormous help. We review those reports regularly and are working on improving stability.

Quick Update on Buildbox 3.0

We have a major update in the works for Buildbox 3.0. This new update will primarily focus on level building and physics. In Buildbox 3.0 you can adjust your collision shape while you’re building out your level using real-time feedback. There’s also an option that will allow you to see how your collision shape effects all instances of that specific asset.

Below is a sneak peek of the collision shape editing in action: 

BB3 Collision Shape Editing
Buildbox 3.0 will now have Assets templates that you can use. Similar to classic templates, you can use these frameworks for assets to build out your game scenes. There will be presets for cannons with the ability to shoot at a character. Also simple physics-based elements to more complex mind-blowing mechanics that you’ll be able to play with in interesting ways. It’s going to be awesome. 

Buildbox Custom Assets
Also, we’re trying to squeeze in iOS export for Buildbox 3.0 in our next update as well. We’re almost there! However, there are still a few challenges left before we can roll it out.

Thanks for the support everyone, and check back here for development updates on a regular basis.

– The Buildbox Dev Team

Nik Rudenko

About Nik Rudenko

Nik is a veteran game developer, and CTO at Buildbox. He's created hit mobile games like Endless Sky and Blue Edge. Nik has also worked on many Triple-A console titles such as Pirates of the Carribean, Showtime Boxing and Overlord.


  • Avatar Mike says:

    Love BB3 templates! This software development template is built on scripted coding techniques and allowed me to customize the UI menus with my gaming theme swiftly. With this 3D buildbox, I have made mobile games that are admired by many app developers and gamers out there.

  • Avatar Adin says:

    When you will add a 3D to buildbox so we can make a game like subway surf,and when i export game a get bbdoc file how i can get .apk file

  • Avatar Jeet says:

    I am unable to download the buildbox software. I tried many times and also tried downloading all different plans but am unable to do so. The complete purchase button just doesn’t seem to work.

  • Avatar Dipesh says:

    Buildbox 3 looks really great. Just wondering how many versions will there be of BB2 until BB3 is available? Will 2.3.9 be the final version?

  • Avatar Abdul Mannan Asif says:

    where i can download buildbox 3

  • Avatar SIMMOPÜ says:

    when i can get this virsion .plese reply

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Alpha 2 will be for Master Collection customer soon. Then we’ll use their feedback to make Beta1 and release for all paid subscribers to Buildbox.

      • Avatar Manish Kumar says:

        my Builbox 3D crashed every time, when I clicked on the 3D world(Mind Map), I purchased it on Black Friday sale on 2 Dec. 2018, but it not works … I felt that the buildbox is worst software because it not works at an initial level than how it can make a game…Trey Smith if possible then please help me because of its your brand I felt that money is wasted …please help me

  • Avatar AndyG says:

    Thanks for this Nik. Hopefully 2.3.6 out sooner rather than later? Gotta try and get these minor point updates out every 2 or 3 weeks really. Cool snapshots of BB3. The cannon following the ball. AI?

    • Avatar Nik Rudenko says:

      That cannon was one many assets templates that we providing with BB3 ;). It has just simple logic to follow Characters on a scene that you can mix with other assets.

  • Avatar Mossaab says:

    I have the MC2 and I played around with the BB3 templates they are truly nice and I love it ..but the template are built based on scripted nodes – how much coding ( if any ) we will need to use in the full version . seemed without the coding component I was not able to reproduce the templates .. thanks !

    • Avatar Nik Rudenko says:

      With new BB3 update we will be showing other side of BB3. The simple way of mix and match assets templates to build an amazing game. Pretty much like classic BB2 but way more fun :)

  • Avatar Mihir says:

    The price is too costly it’s better to buy gaming PC or Gmaing Laptop and play GTA 5 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Avatar eldho kuriakose says:

    Please release Buildbox 3.0 for a Lifetime Price.
    It will be a great help. Buying MC-2 was way too expensive.

  • Avatar Zach says:

    When will a build box beta be out for build box 2 subscribers? Buildbox 3.0 is looking awesome guys!