Dev Blog #12 – Buildbox 3 Updates & New Additions

By October 22, 2019Buildbox

Our development team has been hard at work on a mission to make Buildbox 3 better than ever! We’ve recently released Buildbox 3.0.2 and are already working on a ton of exciting new features and improvements for our next update. Our goal is to keep our software very user-friendly with no-code while expanding on gameplay possibilities with more advanced options for making cool 3D and 2D games. 

Buildbox 3.0.2 Update

In our most recent update, Buildbox 3.0.2, we focused on continuing to improve the workflow and overall user experience. Some notable fixes were made to the UI, along with a few handy additions like the ability to use different blending methods for trail effects to make your game look more unique. The option to easily copy and paste scenes between worlds in 2D and 3D worlds was added too. 

You can view the full change log right here.

So, here’s a quick rundown of what’s to come:

New Buildbox 3 Tutorials 

Our dev team is working on revamping the first time user experience with a new and improved welcome home screen, tutorial walkthrough, and better-organized template layout. We’re also adding mini-tutorials throughout the software to make getting started super simple. Our goal is to make the on-boarding process easier so you can jump right in and start creating. 

Bringing More of BB2 into Buildbox 3

To make Buildbox 3 more user-friendly, we’re also working on bringing more of your favorite features of Buildbox 2 like logic pieces and 2D templates into the software. We’re working on bringing back logic pieces like the GateKeeper, which you can use to block or defeat a character. Also, the logic transform piece for instantly modifying the properties of an existing asset like a character or enemy in your scene. You’ll be able to modify any of the properties of your existing assets easily. These logic pieces can be used together or separately to make your gameplay more engaging and fun. The team is focused on created 2D template versions of all of our existing 3D templates, as well.

2D / 3D Logic Pieces Are Coming … 

(The New Logic Transform Piece)

Ad Monetization & More

We’re also hard at work on bringing ad monetization to Buildbox 3. You’ll soon be able to integrate an SDK Adapter to add ad monetization to make more money from your games. There are also improvements coming to enhance the performance of your mobile games on Android-based devices.  

The overall UX and UI throughout Buildbox 3 will be improved, as well. To make customizing your game even easier, we’re also adding context menus to objects, scenes, and assets. So, you’ll be able to quickly make changes, duplicate, rename, or copy objects. We always value your feedback and suggestions and try to integrate them whenever possible into the software.

Thanks for all the support, and check back here for more development updates soon!

Tiana Crump

About Tiana Crump

Tiana Crump is a journalist and social media manager at Buildbox with a passion for inspiring others and driving brand awareness. As a gamer and creator, she enjoys sharing game development insights, tips, and success stories from the Buildbox community.


  • Avatar ayoub says:

    hi! i can download this version for free ?

  • Avatar boxnovel says:

    New buildbox 3 with many great and useful features. I really like this new version.

  • Avatar Itzo says:

    Bringing BB2 features into BB3 is a good move! Definitely worth it.

    We’d like to see the cool Particle Emitter (effects), ability to add Actions into the UI, Gatekeeper Logic, Path Logic, Clones, Teleports, Portal Logic, and all other logic pieces into Buildbox 3, but NOT just tied to the character, but to have those BB2 logic pieces be available for the other objects too :-)

    When it comes to ads:
    1. We would like to build easily Rewarded Videos on Game Over to Continue Game (adding extra jump, extra shots, more time to play, load checkpoint)
    2. We would like to build easily Rewarded Videos to unlock special character or worlds
    3. We would like to build easily Rewarded Videos to unlock random items in the Shop (Random unlock feature)
    4. We would like to choose when and when NOT to show a rewarded video button on UI
    5. We would like to build easily Rewarded Videos not just for HeyZap, AppoDeal, but also to have CUSTOM options available for the Rewarded Videos
    6. We would like to build easily Rewarded Videos to claim coins / point rewards after a level is complete (open chests when a Rewarded Video is watched)

    Event observer on UI improvements are also nice to have:
    1. Like set a time before an action to be triggered with the event observer. Delay feature before the event observer to execute Total Coins, Total Points, Session Coins, etc.
    2. Add add custom points / coins variables, not to have just points and coins, but to have different type of coins and different type of points and tied that to the Event Observer

    Tiana, could you please forward this to the development team at Buildbox or should I contact Sean? This will definitely add more polish into Buildbox and take things to the next level.

    Itzo Games Studio

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      Glad you’re excited about the new changes! Yes, please send your list of suggestions to Sean and the support team. :)

  • Avatar Elie says:

    Hi. is Buildbox 3.0.2 Update available to download?