Dev Blog #1 – Buildbox Software Development Update

By January 23, 2018Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

Hello, Boxers!

Hope the start of 2018 is going well for everyone. We just wanted to give a quick update on our Buildbox software development. We released the Buildbox 2.3.2 update on Friday, January 19th.

With this new update, we added labels to the animation editor which will help improve your animation experience within the Buildbox software. We also made some other improvements to the software. Some of the notable improvements are listed below:

·      Fixed defeated and taking damage sound effects
·      Fixed mirror effect and synchronized movement of linked objects
·      Aspect ratios for the iPhone X
·      Android versionCode check and billing permissions
·      Removal of unused images

Quick Update on Buildbox 2.3.3

With the coming 2.3.3 update, we are continuing to keep our focus on stability. A big part of that process is improving the crash reporting tool.

As many of you know, we already have tools that let you report crashes to us, but we believe a next crucial step is to have the reports be sent to us automatically. We are implementing this change so that we will know more information about any software issues and will be able to react faster and provide better solutions.

Here are some of the other improvements you can also expect to see in the coming Buildbox 2.3.3 software update:

·      Object layering after copying linked objects
·      Screenshot sharing
·      Negative scale for objects
·      Close animation/BGM once character is defeated

Quick Update on Buildbox 3.0

Buildbox 3.0 Software

Lastly, we want to provide a quick update on the development progress of Buildbox 3.0. We are currently working towards the first release of Buildbox 3.0 Alpha, with the official release on schedule for later in 2018.  We will be producing a few videos soon showing how to get creative with nodes and how to create your first 3D video game.

In the videos, we will cover not only the codeless side of Buildbox 3.0 but also general concepts of game development.

We are excited to see what you all create this year. We can’t wait to release a whole new array of game development tools and see you all dive into Buildbox 3.0.

Thanks for the support everyone, and check back here for development updates on a regular basis.

– The Buildbox Dev Team

Nik Rudenko

About Nik Rudenko

Nik is a veteran game developer, and CTO at Buildbox. He's created hit mobile games like Endless Sky and Blue Edge. Nik has also worked on many Triple-A console titles such as Pirates of the Carribean, Showtime Boxing and Overlord.