Dere Vengeance: Nominated for Pocket Gamer Awards!

By November 16, 2023Buildbox

We’re thrilled to announce that AppSir Games’ Dere Vengeance, a spooky retro indie game created with our very own Buildbox software, has been nominated for the Best Platform Game at the prestigious Pocket Gamer Awards!

This is a huge milestone for AppSir Games and all of us in the Buildbox community. The Pocket Gamer Awards are a prestigious event in the mobile gaming industry, celebrating excellence in game development. The “Best Platforming Game” category is super competitive, showcasing games that are the absolute best when it comes to mobile platforming experiences.

With its unique retro graphics, engaging storyline, jump scares, and gameplay, Dere Vengeance stands out. And now, it is in the spotlight, representing us on a global stage!

🗳️  Cast Your Vote for Dere Vengeance

This nomination is just the beginning. Winning this award could open new doors for not just AppSir Games but for all indie developers in our community. And here’s where you come in! Your vote could be the deciding factor. Let’s rally behind Dere Vengeance and make history together!

Cast Your Vote Now!

It takes just a moment, but your vote can make a world of difference. It’s time to show the gaming world the strength of the Buildbox community! Also, if you haven’t played Dere Vengeance yet and are interested in learning more about it, check out our recent game spotlight!

P.S. Feel free to share the voting link with friends and fellow gamers. Every vote counts!

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