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By November 30, 2015Buildbox, Buildbox Notes
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Buildbox: Year One is the second video in our three-part mini-documentary series, celebrating the upcoming release of Buildbox 2.0.

This documentary shows the first year of the game creation software, Buildbox, and highlights some of its major games and milestones.

In 2015, Apple featured more games built using Buildbox than all other game builders combined. And 17 of our customers’ games have broken the coveted Top 100 list. Since its release, its success has exceeded expectations and not only changed the lives of our customers but the way games are made.

It’s been a very exciting year for Buildbox!

In the video you’ll watch the core team’s big move across the country to Silicon Valley on their journey to making Buildbox 2.0. Find out future plans and much more in ‘Year One.’

'Buildbox Year One Documentary Image'

“The goal was simple: Create a tool that’s extremely easy to use but capable of making amazing games.”

Watch the Full Video – Buildbox: Year One Documentary

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    hello Tiana Crump. thanks for your information about developing games. BUILDBOX is a perfect program for that,
    and also the 3 other program ( animationbox . imagebox. soundbox ).in fact, I want know how can I get the three other program. thanks four your help