Buildbox World is Available Now!

By July 2, 2021Buildbox
Buildbox World

Get ready to take your creations from Buildbox to your mobile device in seconds …

Buildbox World is our brand new mobile app that will change the way you create forever. In seconds, you can export your Buildbox projects straight to your mobile device. Easily test, review, and make adjustments, all without relying on third-party applications. Get a true sense of your games by previewing and playing them right on your phone!

Introducing Buildbox World – Game Testing Made Easy

Click the button below to download Buildbox World and try out our new iOS app today!

Download Buildbox World on iOS

Buildbox World is only available in Buildbox 3.4.1! It’s completely optimized for Buildbox and linked right to your account, so you can make games much faster without having to use other applications. With Buildbox World, we’ve made game testing — an essential part of game development, extremely easy. There’s no need to use applications like Xcode or TestFlight to test your games. All you need is Buildbox and your mobile device. 

As you make your own game, you can see your progress along the way right on your mobile phone. This gives you an advantage in not only prototyping and game testing but design as well. With Buildbox World, you’re able to quickly preview and test on an actual mobile device experiencing the game the same as a player.  

Game testing directly on your mobile device allows you to see all the different aspects of your game and its functionality, from the user interface to performance and overall gameplay experience. You’ll be able to immediately pick up on speed, bugs, and any other changes or improvements that need to be made while you’re still building out your game. Quickly build, iterate, and test with ease. 

Check out our tutorial to get started! 

We can’t wait to see what you create with our 3D game maker and Buildbox World! 

Download Buildbox World Now!

Android version to follow, so stay tuned for that announcement!

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