Buildbox World Bit Roundup: Torto Runner, TEN, Skrambled and More

By January 5, 2024Buildbox, Game Showcase

Our awesome Buildbox community has been creating tons of awesome new Bits for the Buildbox World app, and guess what? You can play all of them for FREE right now! If you haven’t checked out the amazing variety of new games in Buildbox World yet, there is no better time than the present!

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This week, we’ve picked out some seriously cool games from a bunch of creators who have been sharing fantastic Bits with the community. Get ready to be blown away by the endless fun and excitement waiting for you in the Buildbox World app!

Are you ready to have some fun and get inspired? Start playing these fun games from the community and start working on your own game today!

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Highlights

Torto Runner by YandiDesigns

The first must-play Bit is called Torto Runner by YandiDesigns. You play as a cute turtle on a food-collecting adventure in this platformer. Gather fruits and vegetables to earn points, but be cautious as specific items like lemons and chillies will deduct points. Bananas serve as speed power ups. It’s a fun mini-game to play.

Ten by NobiGames

Are you up for a challenging brain teaser? Get ready to dive into TEN by NobiGames, where every move you make requires strategy. Your mission is to guide a bouncing ball through a numbered block pathway, with each number indicating the force of the bounce. Choose your moves wisely to stay on track and avoid hazardous pitfalls. Get ready to exercise your brain with this exciting puzzler!

Skrambled by Motifmames

Go on a daring rescue mission on an alien planet, where you have to neutralize missiles and save stranded citizens in Skrambled by Motifmames. Be sure to navigate your ship carefully to avoid collisions and enemy fire. Earn points for every citizen you save and become a hero!

Enigmatic Quest by Naveenraj

Another amazing game to try is Enigmatic Quest by Naveenraj. In this game, you must guide a red ball through moving platforms in space while collecting golden gems. Be careful not to fall, as it will result in game over. It’s a challenging and addictive game that will keep you engaged. As you progress, you have the opportunity to unlock dozens of new ball characters by using the gemstones you collect.

Lost in the Jungle 2024 by Skystudiodev

In Lost in the Jungle 2024 by Skstudiodev, a young boy, along with his bear and falcon companions, crash lands in a jungle. When natives kidnap his bear companion, the boy must navigate through the jungle to rescue his friends. Along the way, you can collect coins for points and eliminate enemies in this thrilling, fast-paced platformer adventure.

Tetra by V-StarGaming

In Tetra by V-StarGaming, you play as Raziel, a fearless warrior and guardian of arcane knowledge. Your mission is to find Apophis in the depths of Gehenna and stop him from destroying creation. Collect blood coins and slay incoming monsters in this RPG-style platformer. With its great graphics, fantasy-themed music, and action-packed gameplay, this game is definitely worth checking out.

We hope these must-play games will motivate you to take your game development to the next level!

And if you haven’t already, make sure to download the Buildbox World App and Buildbox software to create your very own game today!

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