Buildbox World Bit Roundup: Clean the Room, New Old Fashion, Two Way Attack, and More

By July 1, 2022Buildbox

It’s time for another Buildbox World bit roundup! A lot of new bits have been created and shared by our Buildbox community and are now available to play in our FREE Buildbox World app on iOS or Android! 

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This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorites that you should check out. We hope they inspire you to start building and sharing your own bits with the world! 

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Highlights 

Clean the Room 

Even if you despise housework, you’ll have a good time cleaning with Clean the Room! In this bit, players are tasked with controlling a robotic vacuum to clean each area without hitting any walls or objects lying around the room. It’s surprisingly hard, and you’ll quickly become hooked. 

New Old Fashion

Are you handy with a pair of scissors and a needle? New Old Fashion, players have the opportunity to show off their sense of fashion by repurposing old clothes into new fashionable garments. Just tap to start cutting and stitching pieces together. 

Asteroid Avoid!

If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced adventure across space, Asteroid Avoid! is the bit for you. As you sail across outer space, you must watch out for the approaching asteroids while collecting valuable gems for a high score! 

You can also check out a great TikTok about how the game was made with Buildbox and shared in Buildbox World.

Balloons Pop 

In more of a hyper-casual mood? Check out some balloon popping fun in Balloons Pop! This fun bit definitely lives up to its name! Players get to race through the course popping as many balloons as possible.

Two Way Attack

Put your shooting skills to the ultimate test in Two Way Attack! Collect explosive power-ups and dodge obstacles from two different directions as you shoot to the top of the leaderboard. It’s a challenge like no other!

Plus, in Buildbox World on iOS, you can now play Two Way Attack for cash in the ‘Play for Prizes’ menu!

Super Flying Ball 

In Super Flying Ball, players control a high-flying ball as it navigates through a dizzying maze full of obstacles. If you love arcade games, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this bit. 

Be sure to check out Buildbox World regularly for new bits!

We hope this roundup has inspired you to make your own Buildbox bits to share in Buildbox World!

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