Vision of Buildbox Documentary

By May 14, 2019Buildbox
Vision of Buildbox Documentary

In honor of the upcoming release of Buildbox 3, 8Cell Productions presents ‘Vision of Buildbox.’ This cool mini-documentary with Buildbox founder, Trey Smith, and CTO Nik Rudenko tells the incredible story of the company, the vision behind the software, and it’s role as a pioneer in the #NoCode movement.

Explore the roadmap to Buildbox 3 with this inside look at the software, the future of game development, and more:

Vision of Buildbox Documentary

“With Buildbox we had a much bigger vision from the beginning. We wanted to create software that was totally limitless and allow anyone to create a video game, and any type of game that they wanted.” – Trey Smith

In the short feature, Trey shares his vision for Buildbox and how not only game developers but anyone with an idea can make amazing games without experience or coding skills.

The roadmap to Buildbox 3 has been in the making since the very beginning. It was Trey and Nik’s original vision for the software — limitless gameplay possibilities with zero to low code requirements.

Buildbox 3

Nik came up with the idea of creating games using mindmap bubbles called nodes. With his background in professional game development, 3D modeling, and animation, he had a lot of experience using software with node systems. And he noticed how complicated other platforms made it.

Usually, to create decent results when working with nodes, you’d combine 20-30 nodes together creating a huge massive network. It’s both time-consuming and a lot of hard work.

So, he envisioned a new way of working with nodes that simplifies the entire process.

In the film, Nik explains his concept behind Buildbox 3, and it’s unique node system.

“What we came up with Buildbox 3 was to make those nodes do more things, they’re more high level, and that means you need less nodes to create a more rich experience.” – Nik Rudenko

Buildbox 3 is an advanced 3D game engine. It uses user-friendly smart assets and presets to make professional 3D games easily, but it doesn’t stop there. The software also features low code options for creating custom games using nodes and scripting. It’s a combination of the best of both worlds that opens up game development for everyone from non-coders to coders.

We’re very excited about the upcoming release of Buildbox 3! More details in the coming days. 😉

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  • Avatar Mindchamber says:

    I would totally be on board if BB3 added the option of the rev share model..
    The more options to use your product the better

  • Avatar Yoandys P. says:

    It’s True. Unfortunately many software companies are getting the idea of Subscriptions and it’s criminal how pretty they get knowing the hard times we’re living today’s days that money isn’t enough and people have to invent to survive.
    They should give the software Free and when the people sells the game, they can get a percentage of it. And / or give the software to a price that people can really pay because it’s too expensive. They are alway ways to work it out, remember there are millions of people. They will still gonna make money.

  • […] goal and vision for Buildbox is to create a suite of game development tools that makes the entire process of making […]

  • Avatar Frank Freeman says:

    I’ve asking if bb3 beta 4 will have what Trey posted on IG on 10/15/18. He said there will be new nodes for arcade-style control, power-ups, health bars and inventories. What is the status? Specifically, have any of these been included? Thanks!

  • I think what Nik and Trey have done is incredible. Of course, Unity and UE4 are giants that are truly limitless. But as a non-coder, it did open a lot of possibilities for me. And with a programmer on board, we have managed to do things already with Buildbox 3 that would take three times as long in another game engine. It’s a wonderful program to prototype ideas quickly, test them and move on quickly.

  • Avatar Unknown says:

    yep a software that doesn’t even allow multiplayer is limitless! And can’t support half decent graphics. Also how is a 4 minute video a documentary?

    • Avatar Unknown says:

      what is really limitless are FREE softwares like ue4 and unity.

      • Avatar TBD says:

        Yep, FREE softwares that like UE4 and Unity that charge large rev shares once you actually make a successful title. Unlike BuildB/ox which offer a great product at flat pricing for all.

  • the problem I have with build box is that I make my games for free, so paying for a subscription eliminates build box, as I make no financial income from my games. perhaps you should have a model like unity that allows developers like me to use their software for free without out lays until I’m making profits from my games.