Buildbox Summer Sale is Here!

By July 16, 2021Buildbox
Buildbox Summer Sale

We’re having a HUGE Summer Sale! Starting today, ALL paid Buildbox plans (Monthly and Annual) are 30% OFF! This deal includes both Buildbox Classic and Buildbox 3. So, if you’ve ever wanted to purchase or upgrade, this is your chance to save BIG! 

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Our sale ends on Thursday, July 22, at exactly 5 PM PST! You don’t want to miss out on these savings! If you have any questions about the sale or changing your current subscription, you can email us at

Ready to Make Your Own Game This Summer? 

Get started with Buildbox today! If you’re not sure which tool to choose, here’s a quick rundown of each: 

Buildbox 3: The Ultimate 3D Game Builder

Buildbox 3, our most advanced 3D game builder, allows you to create, build, and publish stunning 3D and 2D games. Now with a new look and more functionality than ever before, Buildbox 3 features an interactive tutorial that makes learning how to build a game incredibly simple. There is no prior programming, scripting, or design experience necessary. You can quickly build out your game using Smart Assets™ and templates, edit and customize to make your game truly unique. Speed up game development even further with our Brainboxes™ — drag-and-drop animation components with built-in logic that instantly bring the characters or objects in your game to life. 

Buildbox 3 also features FBX support, profile management, our new easy ad monetization solution, Adbox, auto backup system, auto scale FBX/OBJ model import, Buildbox World export feature, allowing you to test your games right on your mobile device, and much more! 

Buildbox Classic: The Ultimate 2D Game Builder

If making 2D games and keeping things simple is more your style, Buildbox Classic, our original drag-and-drop game creator might be the perfect option. Buildbox Classic allows anyone to rapidly build and prototype 2D games using pre-built templates or from scratch! Choose from over 40 built-in preset templates. Without writing a single line of code, you can create platformers, puzzlers, shooters, racing games, and sports-themed games. It also features tons of built-in visual effects that you can place into any scene or attach to a character. With built-in particle effects, lighting, and even fascinating trails, you can make your games one-of-a-kind. 

And the best part is during our summer sale; you can get either of these powerful no-code tools at 30% off! Don’t miss out on these summer savings! Start building amazing 3D and 2D games today! Just click on the button below to get Buildbox on sale:

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