Buildbox Summer Sale Extended

By August 8, 2022Buildbox
Buildbox Summer Sale Extended

Due to popular demand, we’re extending our BIG Summer Sale through August 12th!  

Get 50% Off Any Paid Plan Or Premium Template!

Sign up for a subscription now through August 12, 2022.

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Summer Sale Extended

Buildbox 3 

All you need is Buildbox 3, and you can make fantastic 3D and 2D games and share them with the world. Designed for both beginners and advanced creators, you can choose how you want to build out your game! It features an easy-to-use wizard for those new to making games, a built-in asset library, plus full FBX support so  you can add 3D models, objects, and more to create stunning 3D games. 

Buildbox 3’s smart nodes can also be edited or created from scratch, allowing for complete customization for anyone with previous game development knowledge.

Switching between 3D and 2D game development is as simple as clicking a button, allowing for lightning-fast prototyping of both types of games.

Our latest version Buildbox 3.4.9 also includes: 

  • New Smart Editor
  • Global Node Search Feature
  • Custom Collision Groups
  • Outliner Optimization
  • And more! 

But that’s not all! 

Plus, all of our premium templates, including Planetary Quest, Adventure Run, Brooklyn Brawler, and more, are 50% off during our sale too. 

Just sign into your Buildbox account and click on the templates area to view all of the premium templates on sale!

There will be no further extensions after the sale ends, so hurry and grab it while you can!

Get 50% Off Any Paid Plan Or Premium Template!

Sign up for a subscription now through August 12, 2022.

Get 50% Off Now!

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