Buildbox Shop Is Now Open: Sell Your Original Assets Inside Buildbox!

By May 12, 2022Buildbox
Buildbox Shop

Got original game assets to sell?

Buildbox Shop is our new portal that allows any creator to sell their original assets directly inside Buildbox!

That’s right, ALL Buildbox users will have instant access and be able to purchase your asset to use in their game! Creators can find all kinds of assets to help complete their games, from 2D and 3D assets to UI elements.

For those who had early access, the earnings page is now live! Be sure to check it out today!

Your unique assets could be the last piece someone needs to finish their game!

Selling your assets and getting paid is easy with Buildbox Shop! Just go to the shop website by clicking the button below and sign in using your Buildbox credentials. You can also access the shop via the Buildbox desktop client by clicking on the ‘Set Up Shop’ tab in the lower right corner on the home screen. There are helpful tooltips along the way that will guide you through the process.

Show off your creativity, share your passion, and connect with other creators to help them make their dream game!

Start earning extra money with Buildbox Shop today!

Set Up Shop!

There’s never been a better time to start earning extra money with Buildbox than now! Whether you’re an illustrator, graphic designer, game artist, or just someone who loves making game assets, becoming a Buildbox Shop seller is a great opportunity. You can show the world what you can create while helping out other creators at the same time find that perfect 2D or 3D model to make their game complete.

All you need is a Buildbox account to start selling your game assets inside Buildbox! 

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