Buildbox Master Collection 2.0 Sale!

By March 28, 2019Buildbox

Hey Boxers,

Spring is finally 🙌 here! So, to celebrate the new season, we’re having a HUGE Spring Sale and bringing back the Master Collection 2.0 for a final farewell. This will be the last time we publicly release MC 2.0 and also your last chance to get all six different pieces of game development and animation software at our lowest pricing ever! 

Master Collection 2.0 is our ultimate game making software suite. It includes everything you could need to start creating professional looking games immediately.

With this bundle, you’ll get a full year subscription to Buildbox Pro, Buildbox 3, Animationbox, Pixelbox, Soundbox, and Voxelbox for only $599. Now that’s a deal! And the best part is you’ll be able to renew your subscription locked in at the same low price.

If you’ve wanted to get your hands on the Master Collection 2.0, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Master Collection 2.0

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Buildbox PRO (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Buildbox 3 (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Animationbox (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Pixelbox (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Voxelbox (Full 1-Year Subscription)
  • Soundbox (Full 1-Year Subscription)

For just one payment, you’ll get all six pieces of game development software at your fingertips.

2D & 3D Game Development Made Easy

Buildbox Pro will make it easy for you to create professional 2D games without any prior coding knowledge. Just drag and drop your graphics into our editor and you’re good to go. And when you’re ready to take things up a notch and start creating 3D games, you’ll have Buildbox 3 on deck too.

It has the same user-friendly approach to game development as Buildbox Pro with the use of presets and smart assets, but it also gives you the freedom to customize by adding your own code via nodes. With both of these powerful game development engines, you can make almost any type of game you want.

Professional Game Art

You’ll also have access to our graphics software lineup which includes Animationbox, Pixelbox, and Voxelbox.  Animationbox allows you to create a variety of animations and characters for your game regardless of your skill level. It features dozens of built-in presets to help guide you through the process of making your game characters and animation sequences.

And if you happen to be an artist, you can even import your own PNG images and edit them within the software as well.

Pixelbox makes designing game art super easy. It includes a massive art library with thousands of high-quality backgrounds, borders, buttons, effects, and objects. There’s also individual presets to help you design your app icons and unique 2D art.

Plus Voxels, Oh My …

And of course, you also get our 3D modeling tool Voxelbox. Using this tool’s advanced features you can create 3D game objects, save, and export to use in any project. If you’ve ever played the game Minecraft before than you already know how to use this software. Like all of our products, you don’t need previous experience to make something incredible.

Sound Effects & Background Game Music

The Master Collection 2.0 bundle features Soundbox too. Soundbox is the only audio production software created solely for game developers. Create your sound effects and music for your game just like a professional sound designer. You can have fun mixing thousands of different music loops from the Soundbox Library to create your own cool theme music.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get the Buildbox Master Collection 2.0!

Start your Spring making incredible 2D and 3D games with our Master Collection 2.0 bundle today! Click the button below for more details:


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