The Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library

By June 11, 2018Buildbox
Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library

Need help with creating your game?

We now have an official Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library!

This online library features in-depth articles that explain step-by-step how to get started with our software. You’ll learn how to use advanced features, export options, how to add advertisement networks, game analytics, and so much more.

Each article serves as a mini-guide with illustrations and instructions to show you exactly what to do. Our Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library has five different sections along with a search box to help you find answers to specific questions. In the ‘Getting Started’ category, you’ll find articles on how to start making your first game. These guides will teach you how to build scenes within your game. You’ll also learn how to make various changes and add different object and characters into your app to help make it come alive.

Our Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library

The ‘Buildbox Features’ category of the knowledge-base library is designed to help you understand the various features of Buildbox. In this section, we have guides on adding checkpoints into your game and unlocking characters and worlds.

There’s also ‘Exporting’ and ‘Advertising and SDK’s’ sections. In the ‘Exporting’ category, you’ll find articles on how to test the games that you make with our software on different devices. The ‘Advertising and SDK’s’ section dives deeper into the next area of game development which is monetization. The guides in this category will show you how to set up advertisements with various ad network companies. There’s also an ‘Other’ section, where you’ll find articles on special topics like our Game Jam. At any time, you can also use the search box located at the top of the page to find a specific question to explore.

With the Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library, you’ll have instant access to a collection of how-to articles that can be used as a quick reference when needed. We hope it’ll be your new go-to resource to find additional help and tips.

We’ll continuously be updating and expanding our Buildbox Knowledge-Base Library with more guides and categories soon. If you’re new to Buildbox or ever stuck in creating your game, browse through our knowledge-base library. You might find not only the perfect solution but also the steps that you need to take.

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