Buildbox Holiday Subscription Sale Going On Now!

By December 29, 2021Buildbox

If you haven’t heard yet, we recently released our most feature-packed release of the year, 3.4.6 and we’re having a HUGE Buildbox Holiday subscription sale! 

Sign up for a subscription now through January 4th, 2022, and get 30% on all paid plans!

Buildbox is now the best it’s ever been! From a brand new Asset Library and tooltip system to a completely new game wizard, making games is now much easier and quicker than before. 

Watch the video to learn more: 

Get Buildbox!

With this latest version, you can now buy and use Buildbux, our new virtual currency, in the newly updated asset library! There are a lot of new assets, both free and paid, at your disposal! Everything from 2D to 3D, as well as Smart Assets and UI components! Plus, everything is searchable from inside the editor!

We’ve also rolled out a new tooltip system with over 900 tooltips to help you learn and build faster! The new design features short videos with brief summaries and links to further information. Simply hover over any field to learn more!

There’s also a completely new wizard that  enables you to build games fast and easily by selecting worlds, characters, enemies, and game logic! Start with the Wizard and then use the editor to make it uniquely yours!

Buildbox Holiday Subscription Sale

You don’t want to miss out on this discount! 

This incredible holiday sale is happening right now and doesn’t end until January 4th, 2022, so be sure to take advantage! Jumpstart the new year making awesome 3D and 2D games and even share your creations with the world via our free Buildbox World app. 

There’s no limit to what you can create! 

If you’ve been considering upgrading to a Plus or Pro plan, now is the time! Don’t miss out on this huge discount and save well into the new year! 

Start Saving Today!

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