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By December 14, 2018Game Showcase

This week’s spotlight is Dennis Twumasi’s Zuberion. This cool avoidance game takes players on a fun adventure through outer space. Apple has featured Zuberion in the New Games We Love section in countries all over the globe including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Poland, and Ireland. It’s also ranked Top 100 in the action arcade category in four different countries.

So, let’s take a closer look at Dennis Twumasi’s Zuberion!

Zuberion – An Unforgettable Adventure

Zuberion is a minimalistic space adventure with a dreamy soundtrack. Players get to fly futuristic space crafts collecting scattered energy pods while dodging dangerous colliding meteors and traps. And the further you go in the game, the harder it gets. You’ll encounter more asteroids at a faster pace, but be careful — one wrong move and its game over. There are also random portals that teleport you into bonus worlds. It’s a lot of fun to play. As you collect Zuberion energy pods, you can use them to help you unlock new spaceships. It’s 13 unlockable ally planes total. Each craft features a unique look.

This hyper-casual arcade game has a cool artistic design with simple one-touch controls. The almost calming soundtrack transports players into another world. You can explore the unknown and challenge your friends for a high score via the leaderboard.

If you like minimalistic style games and enjoy a good space romp, you’ll love playing Zuberion.

Zuberion is available for download on iOS today!

Congratulations to Dennis Twumasi and Dotcasual Games on Zuberion’s success! :)

We love to see our customer’s games do well on the charts, especially when they get Featured by Apple. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are excellent examples of not only the type of games you can make with Buildbox but the level of success you can achieve as well. We hope today’s spotlight, Zuberion has inspired you to start making your own hit game.

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