Buildbox Game Spotlight: Xickel Ball

Xickel Ball

Every day our Buildbox community of developers are making incredible games with Buildbox. So, each week, we like to highlight one of their games to help inspire other game makers and the next generation of game designers. 

Our “spotlight” picks are indie games with a unique theme and gameplay mechanics or titles that have performed well on the charts. 

This week’s game spotlight pick is Xickel Ball by Xickel Games. Made in only a week using Buildbox and Blender, players’ volleyball skills are tested in an epic battle against friends, wizards, critters, and more in this addicting arcade game!

So, let’s take a closer look at Xickel Games’ Xickel Ball!

Xickel Ball: The Funky New Ball Game

Do you like playing volleyball? If so, you’ll want to check out this funky new ball game from Xickel Games. It’s called Xickel Ball, and it’s a physics-based game where players compete in a volleyball match to the death against some pretty wacky characters. You’re in total control of your team in the game as you play against wizards, penguins, giraffes, and even aliens from outer space. 

The rules are simple. You can tap to jump and spike the ball over the net and move any of your players to help defend your side of the court. However, if the ball hits the ground, it will explode, killing all the players nearby and ending the match. It’s an exciting twist and also a challenge. Players have to be swift with every move. There’s no room for mistakes. 

You’ve definitely never played volleyball like this before! When you win, you earn points that you can use to unlock new playable characters like an alien, bunny, or wizard. There are also several game modes and multiple world environments to compete in as you progress. 

If you’ve ever wanted to play an outrageously entertaining and challenging physics-based sports game, then Xickel Ball is it.

Learn how this insanely fun mobile game was made in only a week using Buildbox by watching the video below:

The Making of Xickel Ball 

Xickel Ball is now available to download on iOS

About Xickel Games 

Xickel Games was created by Michael Garcia when he was 19 years old. “I first downloaded Buildbox as an easy way to start making mobile games as a hobby. I never thought that I would be successful with my games, but Running Monsters, my first game, was a hit and I made a couple of more games, including Skate Birds and Monkey Drift, before I finally made Xickel Ball,” stated Garcia. He wanted to make a physics-based sports game with simple controls. The final result was Xickel Ball. 

According to Garcia, more worlds and enemies will also be added to the game in future updates. So, be on the lookout for that. You can learn more about Xickel Games right here

We hope this spotlight has inspired you to start building your own games with Buildbox. 

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