Buildbox Game Spotlight: Who Let the Chickens Out

By September 20, 2023Buildbox, Game Showcase

Today, we’re shining the Buildbox spotlight on Who Let the Chickens Out? by Vikas Pawar. This exciting adventure built with Buildbox requires your wits and quick reflexes to tackle a flock of annoying hens. It’s already climbing up the charts. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Who Let the Chickens Out by Vikas Pawar!

Who Let the Chickens Out? – Target: Chicken Legs

Do you have what it takes to defend your backyard? 

In Vikas Pawar’s newest game, Who Let the Chickens Out?, players get to step into the boots of a farmer who must handle pesky chickens disrupting his tranquil backyard. It’s time to silence the constant squawking and transform these poultry pests into delectable drumsticks for your satisfaction.

Unlock your inner sharpshooter as you aim with your trusty sniper rifle to eliminate those bothersome hens. But watch out—accuracy and precision are both crucial! If you miss your shot, it’ll be game over! 

As you advance in the game, your scope scan becomes faster, making it more challenging to aim precisely. You can unlock or buy Slomo capsule packages to slow down the scope scanner in the game’s shop. When players hit a new predetermined high score, they face a unique challenge as you adventure into new uncharted territory. 

It’s a very challenging and fun game to play. If you love shooters, you’ll definitely want to try Who Let the Chickens Out!

Who Let the Chickens Out?  is available for download on iOS and Google Play today! 

Congratulations to Vikas Pawar on the release of Who Let the Chickens Out?! You can learn more about their games right here

We hope you’ve been inspired to get started building your own game in Buildbox. 

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