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By November 13, 2018Game Showcase

It’s time for another indie game spotlight! 🙌 Every week we highlight a new game built with Buildbox that has done exceptionally well on the charts or has a cool, unique theme or gameplay concept. This week’s spotlight is Mohsen Rastizadeh’s TrainYourBrain! It’s a hybrid quiz game with mini-games to challenge players in new, unexpected ways.

So let’s take a closer look at Mohsen Rastizadeh’s TrainYourBrain!

Time To TrainYourBrain!

In TrainYourBrain! you’re put to the test with a variety of different quizzes and challenges to help improve your memory, focus, reflexes, and more. It’s not the traditional trivia game, where you answer multiple choice questions on your favorite topics. Instead, you’re presented with random questions with an assortment of mini-games that you have to complete in between.

The challenges in this unique brain game vary. You might have to solve a math problem or find the missing letters to spell out a word. Sometimes you have to locate certain countries on a blank map. Or answer trivia questions like “Where is Justin Bieber from?”

There’s also a bunch of different mini-games that will test your reflex skills and memory. An image might flash on the screen, and you’ll have to tap on the exact spot where it originally appeared. And in the platform style mini-game called Catch the Fox, players have to try to touch on the animated fox as it races across the screen. It’s cute and a fresh twist on reaction games.

Each mini-game features it’s own theme too. Players might find themselves searching for a ghost in a haunted house or a lost little girl in a village scene. There are challenges for almost everything. And the difficulty and pace increase the further you go. All of the tests are also timed. So, if you answer wrong or can’t keep up, it’s game over.

There are 12 fun and challenging levels to complete total with more levels coming in the next update.

If you like brain games and you’re up for a challenge, you’ll love TrainYourBrain! You can check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below:

TrainYourBrain! is available for download on iOS today!

Congratulations to Mohsen Rastizadeh at Crackapp on TrainYourBrain! We wish you lots of success!

TrainYourBrain! is an excellent example of how you can get creative with our software to make a unique game. It only took Rastizadeh 8 weeks to complete using Buildbox. He devoted most of the time to perfect the transitions between questions and the mini-games.

Check out TrainYourBrain!, especially if you’re into quizzes or trivia games. You just might be inspired.

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