Buildbox Game Spotlight: The Mystical Quest

By December 8, 2023Buildbox, Game Showcase

Each week, we highlight a new indie mobile game made by one of the talented developers in our Buildbox community. These games are featured because they have unique gameplay, concepts, and exciting mechanics or have succeeded in the app stores. With every spotlight, we aim to inspire creators by showing what’s possible using Buildbox.

This week’s game spotlight is The Mystical Quest by Hoogames. Created using Buildbox Classic, this pixel art style platformer takes players on a heroic adventure like never before! It’s a fantastic example of how you can utilize the free templates in Buildbox Classic to create your own impressive platform game.

So, let’s take a closer look at The Mystical Quest by Hoogames!

The Mystical Quest: King Kano’s Adventure

In the game Mystical Quest by Hoogames, players are tasked with aiding King Kano, a fearless hunter, in his quest to rid the forest of pesky monsters. Armed with a trusty bow and exactly 99 arrows you must take out the creatures terrorizing the forest. 

The Mystical Quest consists of 48 levels. Leap onto wooden platforms to engage in battles with enemies, discover hidden passages, and gather coins along your path. You can also acquire coins by defeating enemies. If you run out of arrows, pause the game and visit the shop to purchase more using the coins you have collected. 

As you continue to advance in the game, you will encounter intricate traps and puzzles that must be solved to progress. This adds an extra level of challenge to the gameplay, making it both fun and addictive to play.

The platformer also features friendly villagers that you can interact with, which adds an authentic RPG feel. With its unique pixel art style and exciting 2D platformer battle action, this game is a must-play!

The Mystical Quest is available now on Android

Congratulations to Hoogames on the release of The Mystical Quest. You can learn more about them and their games on their official website or Twitter page

We hope today’s spotlight has inspired you to make a game with Buildbox! 

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Dream big and keep on developing! 

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