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By October 26, 2018Game Showcase
The Last Runner

This week’s game spotlight is Joaquin Hurtado’s The Last Runner – Run & Jump. This pixelated parkour style runner has been featured on Google Play’s Indie Corner as one of the best new indie games to check out. This unique action arcade game was created by the two-person indie dev studio, Cheesecake Games and built using our software. Joaquin Hurtado Cheesecake Games CEO and art director Jordi Beltran have been making games since 2010 but ‘The Last Runner’ is their first BB game release.

Hurtado explained why he choose to use Buildbox for this game, stating, “We selected BB to focus all our efforts in the level design & gameplay features instead of spending hours and hours in coding, and after a lot of builds, tests, and polish, it’s now ready to download!”

So, let’s take a closer look at Cheesecake Games’ The Last Runner …

The Last Runner

In The Last Runner, players have to guide a young hero named Ray, through the old city of Cat Town. This now abandoned district is crawling with infected cats, blazing fires, and toxic radioactive waters. But there are also hidden treasures scattered about. It’s up to players to help Ray who’s skilled parkour style running to collect the gold without getting killed in the crumbling town. You have to be fast but careful in this game. One nasty cat encounter or slip and its game over.

The Last Runner is a fun and challenging game with two different game modes that you can play. The first is the story mode, where you get to explore various paths, avoiding the town hazards, and collecting as many coins as you can. And in the Endless mode, your only objective is to survive as long as possible to beat your last score. Players can also compete against each other for best score through the leaderboards.

The unique gameplay, back-story, and pixelated graphics all make The Last Runner an extremely fun to play. Not to mention, the fantastic rock soundtrack that sets the scene for some epic parkour madness.

If you’re a fan of one-touch pixel arcade games and enjoy a challenging runner, then you’ll love this game!

The Last Runner is available for download on both Google Play and iOS.


And from all of us here at Buildbox, congratulations to the team at Cheesecake Games on the success. 😃 Getting featured on Google Play is major!

It’s always wonderful to see the awesome new games that our customers make with Buildbox.  And we hope you’ve been inspired by today’s spotlight to start making games too.

Remember, if you’d like your game to be our next spotlight, be sure to follow us on Twitter and tune in every Wednesday. We’re always looking for new games to feature. All you have to do is post a tweet that mentions us @buildboxdotcom. And add a link to your game along with the hashtag #BuildboxGameWednesday to show us your game. We also check the forums as well.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create!

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