Buildbox Game Spotlight: Soccer Pinball Pro

By July 12, 2019Game Showcase
Soccer Pinball Pro

This week’s game spotlight is Sebastian Barrotta’s Soccer Pinball Pro ⚽️. Built with Buildbox, this cool sports game combines the best of soccer with pinball arcade action for an epic match like never before. Apple has already featured it in the sports and action game categories in Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Norway, and other countries around the globe. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Sebastian Barrotta / Astro Hounds Studio’s Soccer Pinball Pro!

Soccer Pinball Pro – A Blend of Two Classic Games 

In Soccer Pinball Pro, players get to test their skills in both soccer and pinball as they face off against the opposing team in a match of both speed and accuracy. The rules are the same as traditional soccer but with a unique twist. Instead of kicking the ball, players have to tap on either side of the screen to control the pinball flippers and knock the ball into the goal. Avoid hitting the defenders and knocking the ball out of bounds to stay in the game. 

With Soccer Pinball Pro, there are two different playable game modes: season and exhibition. When you’re playing season mode, you have to hit a set amount of goals before the shot clock at the bottom of the screen runs out. The game also becomes harder with more challenging opponents as you go further. If you win three games in a row, you get to unlock a prize chest. 

In exhibition mode, you’re competing for the longest winning streak without any time restraints. With both modes, you can earn points that can be used to unlock cool new soccer balls. There’s a total of 14 unlock-able ball skins that you can collect. Periodically random target signs will appear. If you hit them with the ball, you’ll activate a power-up and gain extra points. 

The graphics in this game are also impressive. During the season matches, the weather changes to rain, goalies, and defenders respond with emojis when they get hit with the ball, and confetti explodes with every winning goal. It’s an exciting, fast-paced soccer match fuzed with pinball flipping action. 

If you enjoy soccer and like the arcade classic pinball than you’ll love Soccer Pinball Pro, it’s lots of fun and super addicting! 

Check out the trailer below to see the soccer frenzy in action: 

Soccer Pinball Pro is available for download on iOS today.

Congratulations to Sebastian Barrotta and the team at Astro Hounds Studio on the success of Soccer Pinball Pro! 

Astro Hound Studios 

Astro Hound Studios is an indie game company based in Toronto, Canada. They’ve been creating unique mobile games since 2016 using Buildbox. Apple has also featured their previous games like CMND/CTRL and Bitnoid. 

We absolutely love to see the amazing games that our customers are creating! Each week our goal is to inspire you to start making your own incredible hit games using Buildbox. Just like Astro Hound Studios’ Soccer Pinball Pro, there’s no limit to what you can create. As the great Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” To master game design and development, you have to play plenty of games and observe. Success will always leave clues. 

Hopefully, today’s spotlight has inspired you. So, keep on developing! 

And if you’d like your game to be our next spotlight, be sure to follow us on Twitter and tune in every Wednesday. We’re always looking for new games to feature. All you have to do is post a tweet that mentions us @buildboxcom and add a link to your game. We also check the forums and Discord channel in the Game Showcase section for new releases too. 

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