Buildbox Game Spotlight: Sling Away

By October 24, 2019Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Popa Radu / TapMen Games’ Sling Away. It’s a fun and insanely addicting 3D arcade puzzler built with Buildbox 3. Sling Away has already been featured in the app store in multiple countries like China and Singapore in both the arcade and puzzle categories. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Tap Men Games’ Sling Away!

Sling Away – A Slinging Good Time

Sling Away transports players into a pinball world, with one goal: sling your way to the finish line. Players have to drag, aim, and release to sling their character through each zone. Throughout the game, there are different blocks and obstacles that you’ll encounter. Some can be pushed, and others, like black balls or spikes, are to be avoided at all costs. If you collide into a black obstacle, it’s automatically game over! 

In this colorful minimalist 3D world, you’ll also encounter bombs and green bouncing strips. Bombs can be used to blast away surrounding enemies and obstacles in your way while bouncing strips, sling you super fast in the opposite direction. Use them with caution. They can help or send you to a quick death. In Sling Away, both accuracy in aim and strategy is required to make it to the finish line. As the game progresses, each zone’s obstacles and patterns become more complex. It’s challenging but insanely fun to play. You can also collect gold gems as you sling and zig-zag your way to the exit. These gold gems can be used to unlock new character skins. Switch up your smiley face puck for a slinging peppermint, watermelon, lotus flower, pumpkin, or crown character. 

If you enjoy arcade games and like pinball action, you’ll love playing Sling Away! 

Sling Away is available for download on iOS today!

Congratulations to Popa Radu’s TapMen Games on the release of Sling Away. 

TapMen Games 

Tap Men Games have been crushing it in the 3D games department using Buildbox 3. Sling Away is just the latest of their lineup of innovative 3D mobile games. Some of their other titles worth checking out are RotaMaze, Ballz A Poppin, and Dash n’ Blast. You can learn more about them and their upcoming games on their website or via Twitter

We absolutely love to see what our customers create! That’s why it’s an honor whenever we can showcase your games. Whether it’s in our feature spotlight post or our Games Showcase or All-Star’s page, seeing the cool games that you’re making with Buildbox inspire us. And we hope our spotlights help to motivate you to get busy creating your own hit game using our software too.  

Will Your Game Be Next?

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And remember, keep on developing! 

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