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By December 4, 2020Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Shredded Streets by Astrohound Studios. It’s a super addictive endless skateboarding game that challenges players to show off their sick combo moves in pursuit of the highest score. Built with Buildbox and no-code, this game has been dominating the charts across the globe. It was ranked Top 100 in not only the games but also in the action and casual categories. Players from across the globe, including Canada, Finland, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom, are loving Shredded Streets. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Astrohound Studios’ Shredded Streets! 

Shredded Streets: Sidewalk Surfing Fun 

Shredded Streets isn’t your typical skateboarding game. There’s a turf war going on between skaters, anti-fun teachers, and hot dog vendors in the game. Players must prove their skills and survive the mayhem as they skate and perform cool handrail tricks for a high-score! There’s also a combo meter and leveling system that increases your air time.

The game becomes increasingly challenging as mobs of teachers against fun get in the way. If they get to close, it’s game over. You have to jump, swerve, and hit the ramps to continue to shred the streets and avoid traffic and hostile vendors with flying hot dogs. Also as you collect coins, you can unlock different skater characters. 

If you enjoy skateboarding games and grinding the handrails, then you’ll love playing Shredded Streets.

Shredded Streets is available on iOS

Congratulations to Astrohound Studios on the success of their latest release, Shredded Streets. This incredible game, which reached the top of the charts upon release, was promoted uniquely — via TikTok. Sebastian Barrotta, the creator of the hit, started a dev blog on TikTok, documenting his process as he made the game using Buildbox. His account drew a massive following of over 33,000 followers! There’s a growing community of Buildbox creators following in Barrotta’s footsteps, promoting their games on TikTok and finding success! It’s fantastic to see. Check out our official Buildbox account on TikTok for fun content as well. We hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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