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By December 11, 2020Buildbox, Game Showcase

It’s time for another game spotlight! This week’s pick is Puzzling Peaks EXE by AppSir Inc. This thrilling physics-based puzzle game has a spooky twist and over 100 challenges designed to keep you guessing. Built with Buildbox and no-code, it’s been featured in the ‘New Games We Love’ section in the app store and the puzzle and adventure categories in multiple countries worldwide. It’s also ranked in the Top 100 in the puzzle category in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Poland, and Mexico. 

So, let’s take a closer look at AppSir Inc. Puzzling Peaks EXE! 

Puzzling Peaks EXE – Possibly A Horror Game 

In Puzzling Peaks EXE, players are transported into another mysterious game world, guided by an artificially intelligent guide named AIDE. You’re assigned the task of helping a glitchy ball-shaped hero named Knightly make his way through each level to complete the game. Unfortunately, this won’t be an easy task. Each zone has random orange platforms that you have to rotate in the right direction to propel Knightly to the exit. There are also bottomless pits and sharp objects that you must avoid to stay alive along the way. The rotating platforms make the game challenging and quite tricky bringing a pinball element into the gameplay. It’s a fun puzzler to play.  

In true AppSir fashion, there’s a bit of snarky humor, scary moments that may haunt your dreams in real life, and surprises that slowly reveal a compelling storyline. The further you progress, the more the plot thickens, and the more challenging the puzzles become. You have to be strategic and move quickly to make it to the end. There are over 100 stunning 16-bit pixel worlds to explore and solve. 

If you’re a fan of the AppSir Inc. game series or you just enjoy playing challenging puzzle games, you’ll love Puzzling Peaks EXE!

Puzzling Peaks EXE is now available for download on iOS, Google Play, & Steam.

We love to see our customers find success with their games. So, big congratulations to AppSir Inc. and Darius Guerrero on Puzzling Peaks EXE’s success. We hope it’s inspired you to start working on your game today! 

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