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By October 19, 2018Game Showcase

Each week we highlight a different game built with Buildbox. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are games that have done well on the charts or are new indie releases that feature a cool theme or gameplay concept. This week’s spotlight is Diederik Deutekom’s Pivot Pop. This action arcade game is a challenging hybrid of popping fun and color matching.

So, let’s get popping as we take a closer look at Diederik Deutekom’s Pivot Pop!

Pivot Pop – The Ultimate Popping Challenge

Pivot Pop isn’t your average popping game. It’s the ultimate popping challenge! The goal is to guide your rotating ball by tapping to change direction to pop the matching colors and earn points. Every checkpoint line changes the color of your ball and the dots you need to pop. Timing and speed are crucial as you try to maneuver your way through the labyrinth of different colored obstacles. Pivot Pop is not an easy game. If you hit anything that is the opposite color of your ball, you’ll get popped, and it’s game over!

When you pop the matching dots, you earn points along with ‘POP’ currency that can be used to unlock new ball characters. There’s a total of 14 unlockable balls, each with a mesmerizing particle trail. You can also opt to buy collectible ball characters too. You can also collect special power-up bombs in the game for some dot blasting fun. There are over 100 challenging levels in this game. It’s not for the faint popper at heart.

From the cool techno background music to the colorful minimalist style graphics, it is definitely a beautiful hyper-casual game. If you’re up for a challenge and enjoy action arcade games, then you’ll love Pivot Pop.  

Here’s a quick Pro Playing Tip: Try to stay in the center and do not give up!

Pivot Pop
Pivot Pop is available for download on iOS today!

Congratulations to Diederik Deutekom and the teams at Unclouded Studios and That Blue Dev on Pivot Pop! We wish you nothing but success. :)

Pivot Pop’s unlockable ball characters are an excellent example of how you can use the trails and particle effects features in Buildbox to make your game unique. Check it out and get inspired.

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