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By August 16, 2019Game Showcase
Park Tiny Cars

This week’s spotlight is DEVGEIM’s Park Tiny Cars. It’s a super cute puzzler with tons of parking madness that’s lots of fun. This unique driving based puzzler has been crushing it on the charts and was recently featured in the App Store’s Best New Games section. It’s also ranked Top 100 in both the puzzle and racing games categories all across the globe. 

So, let’s take a closer look at DEVGEIM’s Park Tiny Cars! 

Park Tiny Cars – Parking Made Fun 

In Park Tiny Cars, players go on an epic quest to find the perfect parking spot in an adorable miniature town. The game starts easy and gradually becomes more challenging as players have to figure out how to get to their cars to the designated parking area before the timer ends. Once you tap on a car, it hits the road at a set speed. Some vehicles are much faster than others. Sports cars whizz by while regular automobiles stay well within the speeding limit. There’s also slow loading trucks and cop cars patrolling the roadways that can get in your way. Players have to think quick and time everything just right to avoid a collision. You have to choose carefully when and which car will go first but you can’t take too long. In Park Tiny Cars, if the timer goes off or you crash, it’s game over! 

Parking successfully earns coins to unlock new levels. As you get further in the game, new cars are unlocked. There are 90+ levels to complete. The cute factor in this game is off the Richter scales and combined with impressive graphics; you’ll find yourself addicted to parking tiny cars. If you enjoy a good challenge and car racing games, then you’ll love playing Park Tiny Cars. 

You can check out some of the parking frenzies in the gameplay trailer below:

Park Tiny Cars is available for download on iOS now! 

Congratulations to the team at DEVGEIM and VRPlaying Games on the success! 

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