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By May 30, 2019Game Showcase

Hey Boxers! It’s time for another awesome game spotlight! 🙌 This week’s pick is Rice Ball HongKong Limited & VR Playing Games’ NoPilot. It’s been ranked #12 in all games in Australia and the Top 10 in both the action and arcade category. Apple has featured No Pilot in Australia, China, Japan, UK, Russia, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and other countries across the globe in the arcade or action categories as well.  

So, let’s take a closer look at VR Playing Games’ NoPilot!

NoPilot … Don’t Crash!

In NoPilot players are transported into cool steampunk style world guiding a spacecraft through an alien planet. The gameplay is as challenging and simplistic as the phenomenon Flappy Bird but fast-paced and exciting like Jetpack Joyride. The object of the game is to go as far as you can, exploring different planets and collecting coins.

You can use the coins that you receive to unlock new spaceships like the Sialia 3 or Sprijer 88. There are currently six unlockable ships total in NoPilot, each with their own unique futuristic style and flying abilities. Along the way, you can collect fun power-ups to aid in your mission.

The adventure-themed soundtrack and stunning steampunk graphics make the game a lot of fun. It also gets downright challenging as you attempt to avoid other flying ships, falling debris, laser beams, and the numerous traps that await. You can compete with your friends for the highest score on the leaderboards and more.

If you love action arcade games that challenge you and dig steampunk, you’ll enjoy playing NoPilot!

See it in action in the gameplay trailer below:

NoPilot is available for download on iOS & Google Play!

Big congratulations to the teams at Rice Ball Games & VR Playing Games on the success of, NoPilot!

VR Playing Games

Although published by Rice Ball Games, No Pilot was actually developed and designed by Vikas Pawar and Rakshak Kalwani from VR Playing Games, an indie dev studio from Delhi, India. They’re very passionate about creating interactive apps and games with rich user experiences. It only took 1 ½ months for Vikas Pawar and his team to create NoPilot using our software.

“Buildbox made my job easy, Buildbox rocks! – Vikas Pawar

You can check out VR Playing Games on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about NoPilot and their other projects.

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And remember, keep on developing!

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