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By February 5, 2021Buildbox, Game Showcase
No More Veggies Game

This week’s game spotlight is No More Veggies by Tap Men Games. Built with Buildbox 3, it’s a fun farm-themed 3D endless runner with evil veggies and tons of surprises. This game is currently ranked No. 134 in action games in the U.S. and is climbing the charts. The app store has already featured No More Veggies in multiple countries worldwide in the action and arcade categories, including Japan, Spain, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, and Sweden. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Tap Men Games’ No More Veggies! 

No More Veggies: Awesome Farm Fun 

In the game No More Veggies, a local farm has been taken over by a swarm of evil veggies from outer-space. Their sinister plan is unknown, but they’ve corrupted the vegetables on the farm growing them to enormous sizes, and are using them to attack. Players must guide the farmer through the madness to safety while avoiding obstacles and killer veggies that they encounter along the way. It’s an endless runner game with a fun twist that’s sure to entertain. 

The 3D graphics in No More Veggies are stunning. As you run through the dirt farm road, you’re bombarded with a variety of unique obstacles, from a horde of giant tumbling tomatoes and rolling broccoli to killer radishes and evil eggplants out to get you. Huge carrots also pop up randomly on the path and stack of logs that roll. Players have to be really quick on their feet to avoid the mayhem. It’s all about speed and reflexes—one wrong move, and it’s game over. 

You also collect burgers for points throughout the game, which you can use later to unlock new playable characters. There are 12 fun unlockable character skins to choose from, including a clown, a witch, a gorilla, and even a zombie. With the combination of cute farm-themed background music and veggies running wildly, it’s a guaranteed good time. 

If you’re a fan of wacky endless runners and looking for a fun challenge, you’ll love playing No More Veggies! 

No More Veggies

No More Veggies is now available for download on iOS.

Big congratulations to Tap Men Games on the release of No More Veggies. You can learn more about them and their games on their official website or Twitter page. We hope today’s spotlight has inspired you to make a game with Buildbox! 

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