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By June 11, 2019Game Showcase
Nite Fighter

This week’s game spotlight is Ben Scriven’s Nite Fighter. It’s an action-packed 3D flying arcade shooter with mind-blowing effects! And here’s the thing, it was built using our new 3D game development software, Buildbox 3!

This cool sci-fi shooter is not only a must-play for gamers, but it’s also a great example of the type of incredible 3D games that you can make using our software.

So, let’s take a closer look at Ben Scriven’s Nite Fighter!

Nite Fighter – Are You Fast Enough?

In Nite Fighter, players become a fighter pilot in a 3D futuristic world. You have to fight off endless hordes of enemies while navigating through skyscrapers and bridges above the city skyline at night. The gameplay is reminiscent of the classic arcade shooter, After Burner II but with a serious upgrade in 3D. Players have to be quick as they soar high and low while keeping their eye on the target. As you fly faster maneuvering through the city, the game becomes more challenging. There’s also a turbo boost option for those adrenaline junkies who live for speed.

From exploding fighter jets and engulfed flames to the elaborate 3D cityscape obstacles, in Nite Fighter the graphics are as stunning as a AAA console game. If you look close, you can even notice the game’s creator, Ben Scriven making a cameo on the start screen. The banging soundtrack also fuels this high-speed shooter even further as you blast away at your enemies and do your best to survive.

If you enjoy arcade shooters and flying games, then you’ll love playing Nite Fighter. This game combines 3D with a dose of retro arcade magic to give you a high flying shooting experience that feels fresh and new. It’s hard to master and a lot of fun to play.

Check out some of the high-flying action in the trailer below:

Nite Fighter is available for download now on iOS!

Big congratulations to the Ben Scriven on the release of his new game, Nite Fighter! We wish endless success.

Ben Scriven Games

Nite Fighter was created by Ben Scriven, a talented Film & TV director and game developer. Ben was drawn to Buildbox 3 because of its ability to easily create 3D games without prior coding knowledge. With the different advanced editing features in Buildbox 3, he was able to make this incredible flying shooter inspired by his love of the film, Top Gun and the classic arcade game, After Burner II.

Ben has another very cool game called Coin Dizzy also made with our software that’s coming out soon! You can visit his website, Ben Scriven Games, to learn more about his other upcoming projects.

It’s always awesome when we get to see what our customers create. We love to showcase your games whenever we can whether it’s in our feature spotlight post or our Games Showcase or All-Star’s page. Games like Ben Scriven’s Nite Fighter inspire us. We hope this week’s spotlight inspires you to follow in Ben’s footsteps and turn your game ideas into reality.

Will Your Game Be Next?

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And remember, keep on developing!

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