Buildbox Game Spotlight: Nerves


This week’s game spotlight is Nanovation and FabMika Games’ Nerves. It’s been featured by Apple 215 times in multiple countries around the world. This sleek, minimalist style action arcade game has also been ranked in the Top 100 Games in the App Store in Russia, Pakistan, and 41 other countries.

So, let’s take a closer look at Nanovation and FabMika Games’ Nerves …

Nerves – Can you Pass 100?

Nerves is a beautiful minimalist style action arcade game where players have to tap to guide a flying ball through and endless abstract maze. The goal is to try to break past as many of the white lines in the maze as possible without colliding into an obstacle or falling prey to a trap.

This isn’t your typical maze. In Nerves, danger lurks around every twist and turn. Players have to break through the moving lines while avoiding dark, rotating shapes and hidden spikes. Throughout the game, you can collect cool power-ups that make you invincible. You can also collect coins to unlock new ball characters. There are 60 different balls that you can unlock in this game.

The minimal art style in Nerves combined with the use of lights and trail effects is stunning. The game’s soundtrack is awesome as well. It’s definitely one of those arcade games that you’ll want to play with the sound turned on.

If you’re a fan of mazes and you enjoy a challenge, then you’ll want to check this action arcade game out! It’s a lot of fun to play.

Nerves is available for download on iOS.

We always love to see our customers find success with their games. So, big congratulations to the team at Nanovation and FabMika Games on Nerves’ success! We look forward to seeing more hit games like this made with Buildbox.

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