Buildbox Game Spotlight: Micro Wheels

Micro Wheels

Each week we highlight a different game built with Buildbox. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are games that have done well on the charts or are new indie releases that feature a cool theme or gameplay concept. This week’s spotlight is Sergio Rocha’s Micro Wheels. It’s a fast-paced racing game with one-tap controls and some very cool surprises.

Apple has also featured this new arcade racer in the racing category in Portugal.

So, let’s take a closer look at Sergio Rocha’s Micro Wheels …

Micro Wheels … Get Set, Ready, Go!

Sergio Rocha’s Micro Wheels is a fast-paced arcade racing game. With a simple objective: Go as far as you can without hitting any obstacles or blockades. There are two modes, arcade and stages. In arcade mode, players have to tap to guide their mini race car through the highway swerving around barriers.

You can also collect special power-ups for speed and invincibility to give you the ultimate edge. It’s all about going the distance in this game. The more mileage you get, the higher your score. But if you crash, it’s game over.

Players have to think as fast as they drive in Micro Wheels. If you accidentally hit the barrels, it’ll alert the cops, and they’ll be in hot pursuit of you. Although exciting, when they catch up to you, and they eventually do, it’ll be game over.

You’ll also come across cool underground racing zones that you can enter and explore. Underground zones are pitch black with glowing neon barriers. Players have to be as cautious as they are quick when racing in the dark.

From Underground to Champion

In the stages mode, you’re racing in a championship to earn gold medals. When you perform well, sponsors give you new vehicles.

There are ten different vehicles you can unlock in Micro Wheels. Each custom car features a unique look and set stats for resistance, speed, and handling. The further you manage to go in the game the higher you can upgrade. There are also two race cars that come fully loaded with all the horse-power you need to rule the roads. You can instantly unlock the supercharged micro wheels as an IAP.

For those gamers that like to play with the sound turned on, Micro Wheels features a funky soundtrack for participating in a high-speed chase. The police sirens sounding off when you bump into a barrier adds to the thrill. It’s the perfect fix if you want an adrenaline rush.

If you’re a fan of Hot Wheels and you enjoy arcade style racing games, then you should check out Micro Wheels.

Micro Wheels is available for download on iOS or Google Play.

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Congratulations to Sergio Rocha & TenBall Games on the release of Micro Wheels!  

It’s always neat to see the new exciting games that our customers make with Buildbox. Make sure you check out our special Friday game highlight each week to support other game developers and get inspired!

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