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Logi. Puzzle Game

This week’s game spotlight is Logi. by Cizgiofisi. This sleek, minimal puzzle game is currently ranked #2 in the Top 100 Paid Arcade Games category. Apple has also featured the game worldwide in not only the Arcade and Puzzle categories but the Best New Games homepage section as well. Logi. has been featured in dozens of countries including the UK, Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

This relaxing puzzle game has been crushing it in the App Store since it’s release. And of course, the game was created using Buildbox.

So, Let’s take a closer look at Cizgiofisi’s Logi. …

Logi. – A Minimal Puzzle Game

Cizgiofisi’s Logi. is a minimal style arcade puzzle game that challenges players’ wits. The goal of the game is to guide a small white ball called ‘Logi’ from the starting point to the end target. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Well, think again. Each level is a clever maze with movable elements. All objects in the game can either rotate left or right. It’s up to you to figure out which objects need to be rotated and which ones should be left alone, to help propel the ball towards the exit point.

A considerable part of this game is the strategy. To solve the puzzle, you have devise a winning strategy before you take action. Once you’ve rotated the puzzle elements in the direction that you believe will lead to the exit, you simply tap to watch Logi take action. If the ball goes on the wrong path, it’s game over.

With each level the game’s difficulty also progresses, forcing you to re-think your strategy and brainstorm a new possible path. There is 70 challenging levels total in Logi that players have to solve. It’s one of those brain teaser games that’s hard to put down.

Since it’s a paid game and costs $0.99 to download, there are also no ads or annoying pop-ups. The simple graphics and soothing background music in Logi. makes it a great game to play to unwind at the end of the day.

If you’re a fan of minimal style games and you love a challenging puzzle than Logi. is the game for you. The 70 levels alone is enough to keep any puzzle enthusiast busy.

Logi. is available for download on iOS.

We love to see our customers find success with their games. So, big congratulations to Cizgiofisi on creating such a successful arcade puzzler. Logi. has accomplished quite an impressive feat, it’s uncommon for paid indie games to soar to the top that fast. However, this unique minimalistic puzzler has managed to do just that. In fact, it’s been featured a whopping 156 times on the App Store homepage, already.  

It’s incredible to see indie games like Logi. perform well on the charts. As an indie developer, we hope you’ve been inspired today. The purpose of our ‘game spotlight’ series is to not only highlight our customers’ success but also to inspire other developers.

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney

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