Buildbox Game Spotlight: Knife Fruit Challenge

Knife Fruit Challenge

This week’s game spotlight is Knife Fruit Challenge by Tepes Ovidiu of Crevasse Studios. Knife Fruit Challenge has been featured in the Arcade category in multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, and Italy.

Apple also featured the game in the Action category in France, Singapore, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. There’s been a lot of fruit-slicing action taking place across the globe with this new arcade game.

So, let’s take a closer look at Tepes Ovidiu’s Knife Fruit Challenge!

Knife Fruit Challenge

Knife Fruit Challenge isn’t your typical fruit-slicing game. Instead of just slashing fruit for a high score, players have to complete a series of timed challenges to clear each stage. Every mission is different and progressively gets harder as you go. Players might have to race against the clock to slice enough fruit to earn 30 coins or try to slice through dynamite. There’s a lot of hidden surprises in this game.

You also earn bonus coins for cutting through a bunch of fruit at once or by performing a perfect cut straight down the middle. It may sound easy, but it’s quite tricky to master. Players can only tap to drop knives downward onto a wooden stump. While falling, a variety of fruit is being tossed in the air. One of the stand-out features in the game is the falling and slicing motion when the knife comes into contact with the fruit. The movement goes into slow-motion for an epic cinematic effect. Since, the blade always falls straight down towards the center of the stump, strategy, and timing is everything.

The graphics in Knife Fruit Challenge are stunning as well. The game features a sleek, minimal isometric art style. All of the fruit is squared or cube-shaped instead of round. There are also six unique knives that you can unlock for more powerful slicing.

If you’re a fan of games like Fruit Ninja or Fruit Slice, then you’ll love Knife Fruit Challenge.

Knife Fruit Challenge is now available for download on iOS.

We love to see our customers find success with their games. So, big congratulations to Tepes Ovidiu on Knife Fruit Challenge’s success. We’re always happy to see the games that our users make with Buildbox perform well on the charts.

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