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By January 29, 2021Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s spotlight is Hop Ice Ball 3D Game by Codemire. It’s a soothing anxiety relief game that’s perfect for those times when you need a breather. Available for both iOS and Google Play, this built with Buildbox calming casual clicker game has been dominating the music game charts, earning a spot in the music games Top 20 in the app store. Hop Ice Ball 3D has also been featured in the app store music category in over a dozen different countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, and Spain. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Codemire’s Hop Ice Ball 3D Game! 

Hop Ice Ball 3D: A Soothing Calming Anxiety Relief Game

Are you stressed out or having trouble sleeping? The Hop Ice Ball 3D game might be the remedy. This calming anxiety relief clicker game transports players into a frozen Antarctic wonderland where serenity lies.

There are two options in Hop Ice Ball 3D. Players can choose game or sleep mode. In the game mode, you have to guide the bouncing ball across the icy platforms without falling. The atmosphere is calming. Your ball bounces to the soothing ambient background music, and a giant Orca whale leaps over you as you hear the sound of the ocean waves moving. A simple swipe of your finger will turn the ice log to adjust the platforms, so you don’t miss a beat. 

It’s a hybrid of an ASMR app and a game. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also switch to sleep mode, an endless version of the game that plays on auto-pilot, allowing you to relax and listen to the rhythmic bounce of the ball, the call of the Orca whale, and the rolling waves to drift off to sleep. The 3D graphics are also stunning, with igloos, frozen enchanted trees, snow, and even a fox or two make special guest appearances. 

If you enjoy relaxing but addicting games, then you’ll love playing Hop Ice Ball 3D. 

Hop Ice Ball 3D Game

Hop Ice Ball 3D Game is available on iOS and Google Play!  

Congratulations to Codemire and founders, Vishwas Bhushan and Shanu Joshi on the success of Hop Ice Ball 3D. Our community of creators continue to amaze and inspire us. It was only eight months ago when Vishwas Bhushan started creating hyper-casual games using Buildbox and started Codemire. He now has four games, including this recent hit and a dedicated YouTube channel with some cool Buildbox tutorials to help other creators in their game development journey. You can visit his official website to learn more here

We hope this week’s spotlight has inspired you to start making games too!  

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