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By July 29, 2019Game Showcase

We love to showcase your games! Whether it’s in our feature spotlight post or our Games Showcase or All-Star’s page, we’re always thrilled to see what you’ve been creating with Buildbox. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are usually indie game releases that feature a cool theme and gameplay concept or have performed quite well on the charts. This week’s game spotlight is Selina Montan Wandel’s GRAVI.TY. It’s a sleek one-tap hyper casual arcade puzzler that’s insanely addictive. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Selina Montan Wandel’s GRAVI.TY!

GRAVI.TY – One Endless Epic Fall

In the arcade puzzler GRAVI.TY, players must survive one epic endless downward fall. Both your speed and accuracy is put to the test as you try to tap to switch shapes to fit through oncoming obstacles quickly. It’s a task that sounds simple but is really quite challenging — the shapes alternate from squares to circles in different repeated patterns. If you fail to switch to the matching obstacle before it passes through the outline, it’s game over! As players get further in the game, so does the pace. It’s a fun, challenging twist to your typical avoidance style game.

The graphics are great in this game too. The fall is set against a beautiful vanilla sky that’s as striking as it is relaxing to play. There’s only one goal in GRAVI.TY to beat your previous highest score. 

If you enjoy minimalist style hyper-casual games and love a good challenge, then you should check out GRAVI.TY. 

GRAVI.TY Screenshots

GRAVI.TY is available for download on iOS!

Big congratulations to Selina Montan Wandel on the release of her new game, we wish ‘gravity defying’ success.

There are endless possibilities when you use Buildbox. GRAVI.TY is a great example of that. And we hope you’ve been inspired to start working on your next big game idea too! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

If you’d like to be our next spotlight or be featured in our showcase send us link to your Buildbox game and we’re check it out! We’re constantly on the lookout for new BB games on the horizon. All you have to do is post a tweet that mentions us @buildboxcom and add a link to your game to show us your app. We’re also on the hunt for new games in our official Buildbox forum and Discord channel in the Game Showcase section. 

And remember, keep on developing! 

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